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imply /ɪmˈplaɪ/ verb (past tense and past participle implied, present participle implying, third person singular implies) [transitive]

دلالت داشتن ، مطلبی را رساندن ، ضمنا فهماندن ، دلالت ضمنی کردن بر ، اشاره داشتن بر ، اشاره کردن ، رساندن ، روانشناسی: ایجاب کردن
- hint, insinuate, intimate, signify, suggest
- entail, indicate, involve, mean, point to, presuppose
Contrasted words: state, express, affirm, assert, declare

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imply W2 AC /ɪmˈplaɪ/ verb (past tense and past participle implied, present participle implying, third person singular implies) [transitive]
[Word Family: verb: imply; noun: implication]
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: Old French; Origin: emplier, from Latin implicare; implicate]

1. to suggest that something is true, without saying this directly ⇒ infer, implication
imply (that)
Cleo blushed. She had not meant to imply that he was lying.
an implied threat

2. if a fact, event etc implies something, it shows that it is likely to be true Synonym : suggest
imply (that)
The high level of radiation in the rocks implies that they are volcanic in origin.

3. if one thing implies another, it proves that the second thing exists:
Democracy implies a respect for individual liberties.
High profits do not necessarily imply efficiency.

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ADV. clearly, heavily, strongly | simply | generally, normally, usually | automatically | not necessarily This does not necessarily imply that children achieve better results in private schools.
in no way They believe that submission in no way implies inferiority.
VERB + IMPLY seem to The letter seems to imply that the minister knew about the business deals.
intend to, mean to I never meant to imply any criticism.
take sth to This statement should not be taken to imply that the government is exonerated of all blame.
PHRASES express or implied the express or implied terms of the contract

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