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importance /ɪmˈpɔːtəns $ -ɔːr-/ noun [singular, uncountable]

اهمیت ، قدر ، اعتبار ، نفوذ ، شان ، تقاضا ، ابرام
- significance, concern, consequence, import, interest, moment, substance, usefulness, value, weight
- prestige, distinction, eminence, esteem, influence, prominence, standing, status
Antonyms: unimportance
Contrasted words: inconsequence, insignificance, paltriness, pettiness, triviality
Related Words: conspicuousness, distinction, eminence, mark, prominence, salience, notability, note, noteworthiness, reputation, standing, substance, value, worth, worthiness, gravity, seriousness
English Thesaurus: importance, significance, value, prominenc

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importance S3 W1 /ɪmˈpɔːtəns $ -ɔːr-/ noun [singular, uncountable]
[Word Family: noun: importance; adverb: importantly; adjective: importantunimportant]
the quality of being important
the importance of something
the importance of regular exercise
I agree about the importance of these proposals (=the reasons why they are important).
of importance
They make decisions about various matters of importance (=important matters).
He was full of his own importance (=he behaved in an annoying way which showed that he thought he was very important).

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ADJ. cardinal, central, considerable, critical, crucial, enormous, especial, extreme, fundamental, great, high, immense, key, major, outstanding, overriding, overwhelming, paramount, particular, primary, prime, profound, real, special, supreme, tremendous, vital | first, greatest, highest, utmost This information is of the first importance. It is of the utmost importance that you arrive on time.
growing, increasing | declining the declining importance of manufacturing industry
lesser, limited, marginal, minor, secondary | direct | general | added | immediate | continued/continuing, lasting | equal | relative | intrinsic | obvious | perceived differences in the perceived importance of the different subjects in the curriculum
potential | public | international, national | practical | theoretical | symbolic the symbolic importance of iron in German culture
archaeological, commercial, constitutional, cultural, ecological, economic, environmental, historical, legal, military, political, social, strategic
VERB + IMPORTANCE have These finds have considerable archaeological importance.
assume, take on Childcare schemes take on an added importance at a time of national recession.
grow in, increase in, rise in | decline in, diminish in, fall in The overseas markets have now declined in importance.
attach, give sth, place To what objectives do you attach most importance? the importance placed on cleanliness
accept, acknowledge, appreciate, be aware of, grasp, realize, recognize, see, understand People were aware of the importance of working with nature.
demonstrate, illustrate, indicate, point to, reflect, show, suggest Figure 2.2 shows the relative importance of the different service industries.
assert | deny | confirm | draw attention to, emphasize, highlight, point up, promote, stress, underline The manual stresses the importance of regular maintenance.
diminish, downplay, minimize, play down, underplay She was inclined to play down the importance of her own role in the affair.
exaggerate, overestimate | underestimate, undervalue Don't underestimate the importance of neat presentation.
increase | reduce | consider, discuss | explain | cast/throw doubt on, doubt, question No one can seriously question the political importance of the environment.
forget, ignore, overlook
IMPORTANCE + VERB arise from sth, lie in sth The town's importance lies in the richness and quality of its architecture.
depend on sth
PREP. of … ~ The railways were of crucial importance in opening up the American West.
~ for an area of enormous importance for wildlife
~ to the importance to the country of a healthy economy
PHRASES in order of importance Deal with the issues in order of importance.
a matter of importance

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have importance
This is an issue that has importance for all of us.
attach importance to something (=think it is important)
She attached great importance to loyalty.
recognize/realize the importance of something
We all recognize the importance of his work.
emphasize/stress the importance of something
I'd like to emphasize the importance of reading exam questions carefully.
assume importance (=become important)
The town assumed importance once it was connected to the rail system.
lose its importance
The island lost its importance when trade routes changed.
exceed something in importance formal (=be more important than something else)
For him, winning Wimbledon exceeded all other tournaments in importance.
great/considerable/enormous importance
Crime rates have great importance for the government.
Some people attach enormous importance to personal wealth.
vital/crucial/critical importance (=very great )
This research is of vital importance.
central/fundamental importance
The central importance of interest rates is widely recognized.
particular importance
Tourism has particular importance in some regions.
equal importance
When applying for a job, qualifications and experience are often of equal importance.
relative importance
We discussed the relative importance of these different sources of revenue.
growing/increasing importance
the growing importance of the Internet as a source of information
economic/political importance
The role of the police has great political importance.
local/national importance
Crime is an issue of national importance.
practical importance (=related to things that happen, rather than just ideas)
Science has long been of practical importance to civilization as a whole.
a sense/feeling of importance (=a feeling that you are an important person)
Sitting behind the big desk gave her a feeling of importance.
be of little/no importance
Where the money came from is of no importance.
be of the utmost importance/be of paramount importance (=be extremely important)
It is of the utmost importance that this matter is kept confidential.
be of primary importance formal (=be the most important thing)
Finishing the project on time is of primary importance.
be of secondary importance formal (=be less important than another thing)
Sometimes we forget that the media coverage of a sport is actually of secondary importance to the event itself.

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