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impression /ɪmˈpreʃən/ noun

اثر ، جای مهر ، گمان ، عقیده ، خیال ، احساس ، ادراک ، خاطره ، نشان گذاری ، چاپ ، طبع ، قانون ـ فقه: عقیده ، روانشناسی: برداشت
- effect, feeling, impact, influence, reaction
- idea, belief, conviction, feeling, hunch, notion, sense, suspicion
- mark, dent, hollow, imprint, indentation, outline, stamp
- imitation, impersonation, parody, send-up (Brit. informal), takeoff (informal)
Related Words: dent, dint, hollow, trace, track, vestige, mark, sign
English Thesaurus: idea, thought, impression, inspiration, brainwave, ...

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impression S2 W2 /ɪmˈpreʃən/ noun
[Word Family: noun: impression, impressionism, impressionist, impressiveness; adjective: impressionable, impressiveunimpressive, impressionistic, unimpressed; adverb: impressively, impressionistically; verb: impress]

1. [uncountable and countable] the opinion or feeling you have about someone or something because of the way they seem:
When we looked around the school we got a very good impression.
I got the impression that she wasn't very happy with her job.
impression of
What was your impression of Roger?

2. be under the impression (that) to believe that something is true when it is not:
I’m sorry, I was under the impression that you were the manager.

3. [countable] if you do an impression of a famous person, you copy their speech or behaviour in order to make people laugh Synonym : imitation:
Jean does a great impression of Madonna.

4. [countable] a picture or drawing of what someone or something might look like, or what something will look like in the future
impression of
an artist’s impression of the new building

5. [countable] a mark left by pressing something into a soft surface:
Some of the fallen trees had left a clear impression in the hardened mud.

6. [countable] all the copies of a book printed at one time ⇒ edition

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I. idea/feeling/opinion about sth
ADJ. distinct, firm, strong | main, overriding, overwhelming | convincing | clear, vivid | fleeting, vague | accurate | distorted, erroneous, false, mistaken, misleading, spurious, wrong | good The village gives a good impression of what a medieval city would have looked like.
favourable | negative | opposite | early, first, immediate, initial First impressions can be misleading.
final | general, overall | general, widespread There is a widespread impression that schooling needs to be improved.
public | personal, subjective
VERB + IMPRESSION form, gain, get, have, obtain, receive I got the distinct impression that you disliked her.
convey, create, give (sb), leave sb with, provide (sb wtih) The book leaves you with a distorted impression of politics.
maintain She was trying to maintain the impression that she was in control.
confirm | heighten, reinforce, strengthen | avoid It was difficult to avoid the impression that he was assisting them for selfish reasons.
correct I must correct a false impression that I gave you just now.
record She recorded her impressions of the city in her diary.
IMPRESSION + VERB count When it comes to finding a partner, first impressions do count.
PREP. under a/the ~ I was under the impression that you weren't coming until tomorrow.
~ about I had the wrong impression about him.
~ as to mistaken impressions as to the strength of the market

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II. effect that an experience/person has on sb/sth
ADJ. considerable, deep, powerful, profound, strong, tremendous | superficial | abiding, indelible, lasting | excellent, favourable, good, great | bad, poor, unfavourable | false, misleading, wrong | right If you want to create the right impression, I suggest you wear a suit.
first, immediate The new striker failed to make an immediate impression on the team.
VERB + IMPRESSION create, leave, make
PREP. ~ on/upon The day's events left a lasting impression on them.

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III. drawing
ADJ. artist's
VERB + IMPRESSION issue The police have issued an artist's impression of the attacker.

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IV. amusing copy of sb
ADJ. good, reasonable
VERB + IMPRESSION do He does some very good impressions of pop stars.

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V. mark left on an object
VERB + IMPRESSION bear The sealing wax bore the impression of a sailing ship.

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make an impression
Think about what sort of impression you want to make.
give an impression
Her speech definitely gave the impression that she was enthusiastic about the project.
create an impression (also convey an impression formal)
Arriving late won’t create a very good impression.
get an impression
What sort of impression did you get of the city?
leave an impression on somebody (=make someone remember a person, place, or thing )
Janet certainly left an impression on him.
a good/positive impression
He was keen to make a good impression on his boss.
a bad/negative impression
Arriving late for an interview gives a very negative impression.
sb’s first/initial/immediate impression
My first impression was that Terry’s version of the events was untrue.
a clear/vivid impression
He had the clear impression that most people were in favour of the idea.
a vague impression (=not very clear)
Dave only had a vague impression of the man who had attacked him.
a strong/deep impression (=one that someone feels very strongly )
She made a strong impession on me the first time I met her.
a lasting impression (=one that someone remembers for a long time)
Sam’s performance had clearly made a lasting impression on the audience.
the overwhelming/overriding impression (=an impression that is stronger than all others)
The overwhelming impression after the meeting was one of optimism.
an indelible impression formal (=lasting for ever)
Alan’s wartime experiences had left an indelible impression on him.
a wrong/misleading impression
The advertisement gave a misleading impression of the product.
a false/mistaken impression
He had the mistaken impression that Julia was married.
Many people got the false impression she didn’t care.
the overall/general impression
The general impression was of a very efficiently run company.
the distinct impression (=used when something seems very clear to you)
We were left with the impression that the contract was ours if we wanted it.
sb’s personal impression
My personal impression is that the new manager has greatly improved things.
first impressions count (=the impression you make when you first meet someone is important)
When attending a job interview, remember that first impressions count.

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BAD: I decided to change my impression and had all my hair cut short.
GOOD: I decided to change my image and had all my hair cut short.

Usage Note:
impression = an opinion or feeling that you have about someone or something, especially after just a short time: 'My impression is that she would make an excellent teacher.' 'He gives the impression of being someone you can trust.'
image = the general picture that you want people to have in their minds when they think of you or your company, organization etc: 'After all the bad publicity, the company needs to improve its image.'

BAD: My first impression about Californians was very positive.
GOOD: My first impression of Californians was very positive.

Usage Note:
impression of sb/sth : 'They went back to Japan with very different impressions of what England was like.'

BAD: He wanted to make a good impression to his girlfriend.
GOOD: He wanted to make a good impression on his girlfriend.

Usage Note:
make an impression on sb : 'His first priority was to make a favourable impression on the prison warden.'

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