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increase /ɪnˈkriːs/ verb
increase /ˈɪnkriːs/ noun [uncountable and countable]

بزرگتر شدن ، صعود کردن ، افزایش یافتن بالا رفتن ، فزونی ، افزایش ، افزودن ، زیاد کردن ، توسعه دادن ، توانگرکردن ، ترفیع دادن ، اضافه ، افزایش ، رشد ، ترقی ، زیادشدن ، علوم مهندسی: ترقی ، بازرگانی: ترقی دادن

: increase (to)

معماری: افزایش دادن
- grow, advance, boost, develop, enlarge, escalate, expand, extend, multiply, raise, spread, swell
- growth, development, enlargement, escalation, expansion, extension, gain, increment, rise, upturn
Antonyms: decrease
Contrasted words: abate, abbreviate, condense, contract, depreciate, diminish, lessen, lower, reduce, curtail, shorten, shrink, minimize, die off, die (out), end, terminate
Related Words: aggravate, enhance, intensify, amplify, dilate, distend, inflate, swell, elongate, lengthen, prolong, protract, reinforce, strengthen, pullulate, swarm, teem
English Thesaurus: get, obtain, acquire, inherit, gain, ...

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I. increase1 S2 W1 /ɪnˈkriːs/ verb
[Word Family: adjective: increased, increasing; verb: increase; noun: increase; adverb: increasingly]
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: Old French; Origin: encreistre, from Latin increscere, from crescere 'to grow']
[intransitive and transitive] if you increase something, or if it increases, it becomes bigger in amount, number, or degree Antonym : decrease, reduce:
The population increased dramatically in the first half of the century.
political tensions that might increase the likelihood of war
Visits to the site have increased threefold since May.
increase in value/price/importance etc
Investments are certain to increase in value.
increase (something) by something
Food prices increased by 10% in less than a year.
increase (something) from/to something
The salary is £18,600 a year, increasing to £23,000.

In everyday English, people usually say that an amount or level goes up rather than increases:
The population has gone up a lot.
Her investments all went up in value.
—increasing adjective:
the increasing difficulty of finding trained staff
European leaders watched events unfold with increasing alarm.
—increased adjective:
an increased incidence of childhood leukaemia

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II. increase2 S2 W1 /ˈɪnkriːs/ noun [uncountable and countable]
[Word Family: adjective: increased, increasing; verb: increase; noun: increase; adverb: increasingly]
a rise in amount, number, or degree Antonym : decrease
increase in
an increase in the crime rate
Recent tax increases have affected the poor more than the rich.
the dramatic increase in the population aged over 65
There has been a marked increase in the use of firearms.
Cases of tuberculosis are on the increase.

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ADJ. big, considerable, dramatic, enormous, exponential, huge, large, major, marked, massive, significant, substantial, vast | moderate, modest, small | apparent | rapid, sharp | gradual, steady | fivefold, tenfold, etc. | 10%, etc. | net, overall | across-the-board The pay rise represented an across-the-board increase of between 9% for the highest paid and 32% for the lowest paid worker.
annual, monthly, etc. | dividend, fare, pay, price, rent, salary, tax, temperature, wage
VERB + INCREASE experience, see, show Many parts of the country have experienced an increase in unemployment. This year saw an increase in the number of job applicants. Profits show a steady increase.
enjoy The country is enjoying the biggest increase in business confidence for years.
achieve We achieved a small increase in profits of £3,257.
bring (about), cause, lead to, result in Intensive farming has brought about an increase in outbreaks of food poisoning. The war resulted in a massive increase in government spending.
reflect, represent | entail, involve, mean The measures to improve the health service will involve an increase in government spending.
announce, report The company reported a 9.5% increase in third quarter losses.
PREP. on the ~ Burglaries in the area are on the increase.
~ in There has been an increase in demand for two-bedroom flats.
~ on/over The figures show a sharp increase on last year's turnover.
~ to a dividend increase to 11.4 pence
PHRASES a rate of increase

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ADV. considerably, dramatically, enormously, greatly, significantly, substantially | slightly | gradually | rapidly, sharply, steeply | steadily | twofold, threefold, etc. Sales increased almost fourfold in this period.
VERB + INCREASE be expected to, be likely to Demand is expected to increase over the next decade.
PREP. by The budget has increased by more than a third in the last year.
from, in to increase in amount/number/price/size
to Last month the reward was increased from £20,000 to £40,000.
with Disability increases with age.

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BAD: The increase of crime is accelerating.
GOOD: The increase in crime is accelerating.
BAD: There has been an increase of the number of cars.
GOOD: There has been an increase in the number of cars.

Usage Note:
increase in sth (NOT of ): 'There's been a sudden increase in political activity.' 'We can expect further increases in the cost of living.'

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BAD: I'd like to increase my English.
GOOD: I'd like to improve my English.
BAD: We can increase the economic situation by working harder.
GOOD: We can improve the economic situation by working harder.

Usage Note:
increase = become or make (something) greater in amount, number or degree: 'The government has increased taxes.' 'As their profits increase, the companies expand.' 'The number of words in the language is increasing all the time.'
improve = become or make (something) better: 'Efforts are being made to improve the quality of the medical services.'

BAD: The government is trying to increase the level of education.
GOOD: The government is trying to raise the level of education.
BAD: In Hong Kong the standard of living has increased sharply.
GOOD: In Hong Kong the standard of living has risen sharply.

Usage Note:
When you are talking about the level or standard of something, use raise/rise (NOT increase ): 'The standard of living continues to rise.'

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