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independence /ˌɪndəˈpendəns, ˌɪndɪˈpendəns/ noun [uncountable]

استقلال ، ازادی ، بی نیازی از دیگران ، قانون ـ فقه: استقلال ، روانشناسی: استقلال ، بازرگانی: استقلال ، علوم نظامی: جدا بودن
Synonyms: freedom, autonomy, liberty, self-reliance, self-rule, self-sufficiency, sovereignty

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independence W2 /ˌɪndəˈpendəns, ˌɪndɪˈpendəns/ noun [uncountable]
[Word Family: noun: dependant, dependenceindependence, dependency; adverb: dependably, independently; adjective: dependable, dependentindependent; verb: depend]
[Word Family: noun: independence, independent; adverb: independently; adjective: independent]

1. political freedom from control by the government of another country
independence from
Nigeria gained independence from Britain in 1960.

2. the time when a country becomes politically independent:
The country has made great advances since independence.

3. the freedom and ability to make your own decisions in life, without having to ask other people for permission, help, or money:
ways of helping old people maintain their independence
Having a job gives you financial independence.

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ADJ. considerable, great | complete, full, total | relative The council's relative independence of the government means it can negotiate its own agreements.
nominal | genuine, real, true | de facto Aquitaine's de facto independence from the king of France
continued/continuing, growing | hard-won | local, national | academic, economic, editorial, financial, judicial, personal, political, professional
QUANT. degree, measure
VERB + INDEPENDENCE have Young people have more independence these days.
lack | enjoy, value I value my independence too much to get married.
display, show She displayed independence of judgement in choosing a career quite different from that of her parents.
assert Edward III tried to assert his independence of the regime at court.
achieve, gain, win Mexico achieved independence from Spain in 1821.
bring (about) the need to bring independence to the country a colonial crisis which brought about independence
declare, proclaim | ensure, maintain, preserve, retain, sustain The army is committed to ensuring the independence of the country.
give up, lose She doesn't want to lose her hard-won independence.
regain, restore | encourage, promote Parents should encourage independence in their children.
undermine Economic aid tends to undermine the national independence of third world countries.
seek | call for, demand | vote for | give sb/sth, grant sb/sth | recognize They have agreed to recognize the breakaway republic's independence.
INDEPENDENCE + VERB come Independence came to the British colonial territories in Africa in the late fifties and early sixties.
INDEPENDENCE + NOUN day | celebrations | movement | struggle
PREP. at ~ Namibia became a full member of the UN at independence.
~ from independence from Spain
~ of the church's independence of the state independence of mind
PHRASES a declaration of independence, a lack of independence, the loss of independence, a sign/symbol of independence The car became a symbol of independence.
the struggle for independence, a war of independence the American War of Independence

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full/complete independence
The country gained complete independence from Britain in the 1960s.
political/economic independence
Zambia achieved political independence without a prolonged conflict.
national independence
The struggle for national independence lasted over 20 years.
local independence
The new constitution aims to strengthen local independence.
get independence
The country eventually got its independence in 1960.
gain/achieve/win independence (=get independence)
Our aim was to achieve full independence.
declare independence
Estonia declared independence on August 20th.
grant something independence (=allow a country to become independent)
It was General de Gaulle who granted Algeria independence.
bring independence to something
The rebels fought to bring independence to East Africa.
move towards independence (=gradually achieve it over a period of time)
The country was slowly moving towards independence.
Independence Day (=a day on which a country's independence is celebrated)
The president was on television giving his Independence Day speech.
independence celebrations
The region is preparing for Monday's independence celebrations.
the struggle for independence
The struggle for independence continued for three decades.

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