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infection /ɪnˈfekʃən/ noun

عفونت ، سرایت مرض ، گند ، کامپیوتر: الودگی ، روانشناسی: عفونت
الکترونیک: عفونت ، الودگی ، کامپیوتر: عفونت ، روانشناسی: عفونت ، سرایت مرض ، گند پزشکی: گند ، عفونت

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Synonyms: contamination, contagion, corruption, defilement, poison, pollution, virus
English Thesaurus: illness, disease, infection, condition, problem, ...

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infection W3 /ɪnˈfekʃən/ noun
[Word Family: noun: infection, disinfectant; adjective: infectious, infected; verb: infectdisinfect; adverb: infectiously]

1. [countable] a disease that affects a particular part of your body and is caused by bacteria or a virus:
The baby had an ear infection.
infection of/in
an infection of the bladder

2. [uncountable] when someone is infected by a disease:
Always sterilize the needle to prevent infection.

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ADJ. heavy, nasty, serious, severe | mild, minor, moderate | acute | chronic | recurrent | further | primary, secondary If the primary infection is not treated further outbreaks may occur.
new Over 90% of all new infections occur in the developing world.
rare | bacterial, fungal, viral | chest, ear, etc. | respiratory, urinary, etc. | herpes, HIV, etc.
VERB + INFECTION have, suffer (from) He's suffering from an acute infection of the lower respiratory tract.
be at risk from/of, be prone/susceptible/vulnerable to Goats appear to be more susceptible to the infection than sheep.
be exposed to Vaccination is essential to protect people exposed to hepatitis B infection.
acquire, catch, contract, develop, get She's always getting chest infections.
pass (on), spread, transmit The infection is passed on through the horse feed.
carry Almost all the sheep on the farm carried the infection.
guard against, protect sb/sth from to protect the body from infection
avoid, prevent | combat, fight The virus affects the body's immune system so that it cannot fight infection.
fight off, kill Normally, white blood cells fight off and kill infections.
recover from | leave/make sb susceptible to, leave/make sb vulnerable to | die from/of | diagnose (sb with) | treat (sb for)
INFECTION + VERB develop, occur an infection that occurs in swans
spread They want to prevent the infection spreading to other parts of the body.
cause sth, result in sth Heavy lung infections may result in pneumonia.
PREP. in~ In acute infections of the urinary tract the patient may suffer severe pain.
~ by infection of people by the virus
~ from infection from sewage water
~ through infection through unsafe sex
~ with infection with bacteria
PHRASES a cause of infection, the onset of infection The drug must be taken from the onset of the infection.
resistance to infection Taking vitamin C builds up your resistance to infection.
a risk of infection, a site of infection (medical) The urethra was the primary site of infection
a source of infection We are trying to trace the source of infection.
the spread of infection
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have an infection
I think you’ve got an infection, so you need to rest.
suffer from an infection
He was suffering from an infection of the lungs.
get/develop an infection
She got a nasty throat infection which meant she couldn’t sing.
treat an infection
Antibiotics are used to treat the infection.
fight/combat an infection
A new drug is being developed to combat the infection.
spread an infection (also transmit an infection formal)
Pregnant women can transmit the infection to their unborn child.
an infection spreads
The infection spread to her chest.
an infection clears up (=goes away)
Although the infection cleared up, he still felt weak.
be exposed to an infection
He was exposed to the infection while he was travelling in India.
He was admitted to hospital with a serious infection.
slight/minor (=not serious)
She’s suffering from a slight infection.
nasty informal (=a serious infection)
He’s got a really nasty infection.
acute medical (=a serious infection that develops suddenly)
The disease usually occurs as an acute infection of the throat.
an ear/eye infection
She was given antibiotics for an ear infection.
a chest infection (=an infection in the lungs)
I’ve got a bad cough, but the doctor says it isn’t a chest infection.
a throat/kidney etc infection
He developed a severe throat infection.
a bacterial/viral/fungal infection (=caused by bacteria, a virus, or a fungus)
Antibiotics are not effective against viral infections.
a secondary infection medical (=an additional infection that happens as a result of the main illness)
Often, scratching the skin because it is itchy results in secondary infection.
the source of an infection
Doctors are trying to locate the source of the infection.

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