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information /ˌɪnfəˈmeɪʃən $ -fər-/ noun [uncountable]

داده ها ، اگاهی ، تهمت ، اتهام ، اطلاع ، اخبار ، مفروضات ، اطلاعات ، سوابق ، معلومات ، اگاهگان ، پرسشگاه ، استخبار ، خبر رسانی ، علوم مهندسی: معیطات ، کامپیوتر: اگاهی ، عمران: اطلاعات ، قانون ـ فقه: اعلام جرم صادره از ناحیه مامور تعقیب ، روانشناسی: معلومات ، بازرگانی: اگاهی ، علوم نظامی: اطلاع دادن

: information (jf)

علوم دریایی: خبر
الکترونیک: اطلاع ، اطلاعات ، اگاهی ، کامپیوتر: اطلاع ، داده ها ، معلومات ، معیطات ، علوم مهندسی: اطلاعات ، اگاهی ، خبر ، اطلاع ، تهمت ، اتهام ، اعلام جرم صادره از ناحیه مامور تعقیب ، حقوق: اطلاعات ، اخبار ، اطلاع دادن ، علوم نظامی: اطلاعات ، عمران: خبر ، اطلاع ، معلومات ، روانشناسی: اطلاعات ، اگاهی ، اقتصاد: اطلاع ، اخبار، مفروضات ، اطلاعات ، سوابق ، معلومات ، اگاهگان ، پرسشگاه ، استخبار، خبر رسانی کامپیوتر: اطلاعات کامپیوتر: اطلاعات

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Synonyms: facts, data, intelligence, knowledge, message, news, notice, report

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information S1 W1 /ˌɪnfəˈmeɪʃən $ -fər-/ noun [uncountable]
[Word Family: noun: informant, information, informer, misinformation, disinformation; verb: inform, misinform; adjective: informativeUNINFORMATIVE, informeduninformed; adverb: informatively]

1. facts or details that tell you something about a situation, person, event etc:
I need more information.
information that
We have received information that Grant may have left the country.
information about/on
The book contains information about a wide variety of subjects.
my/our etc information is (=used to say what you know about a situation)
My information is that Gary wants to stay with the club.
Information is an uncountable noun and has no plural form. Use a singular verb after it:
The information was not passed on to the hospital.

In everyday English, in informal contexts, people often use the expression tell someone something rather than using the noun information:
I wonder if you could give me some information about your childhood. ➔ I wonder if you could tell me something about your childhood.

2. American English the telephone service which provides telephone numbers to people who ask for them Synonym : directory enquiries British English

3. for your information spoken used when you are telling someone that they are wrong about a particular fact:
For your information, I’ve worked as a journalist for six years.

4. for information only written on copies of letters and documents that are sent to someone who needs to know about them but does not have to deal with them ⇒ inside information at inside3(2)
—informational adjective

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ADJ. accurate, correct, precise | false It is alleged that he gave false information to the tax authorities.
relevant, useful, valuable | useless | available Further information is available on request.
missing | fresh, new | latest, up-to-date the latest information on lung conditions
additional, extra, further | general general information about the company as a whole
basic basic information like date of birth, doctor's name and phone number
background | detailed | factual | classified, confidential, secret | price-sensitive There are legal constraints on the use of price-sensitive information.
bibliographic, economic, educational, financial, social, technological, etc.
QUANT. item, piece an interesting piece of information
bit, fragment, nugget, scrap, snippet She let slip a few nuggets of information about herself.
mine, wealth This book is a mine of information on the Romans.
VERB + INFORMATION contain | have Do you have the information I need?
retain, store James is able to retain an enormous amount of factual information in his head. database systems that process and store information
need, require | ask for, request | look for, seek | find, gain, get, obtain information gained from research
collect, gather The police are still questioning witnesses and gathering information.
receive | dig up Have you dug up any further information on the suspect?
extract, retrieve the difficulties of extracting information from government officials software that retrieves information from a variety of different sources
access Portable computers are good for accessing information while travelling.
download | disclose, give, impart, make available, provide (sb with), supply (sb with) a court order preventing an ex-employee from disclosing confidential information
leak Someone leaked information to the press.
pass on They passed on the information about the crime to the police.
circulate, disseminate an organization that collects and disseminates information about women in science
exchange The French and British police will exchange information on wanted criminals.
withhold It was improper of the broker to withhold the information from the stock exchange.
cover up, suppress | collate, organize | check | analyse | present The way you present the information is important.
publish | act on, go on At the moment we've very little information to go on.
INFORMATION + VERB relate to sth information relating to the social background of the child
lead to sth a reward for information leading to an arrest
INFORMATION + NOUN service | bureau, desk, office, centre | source | system | processing
PREP. according to ~ According to information received by the police, the terrorists have left the country.
for sb's ~ This leaflet is produced for the information of our customers.
~ about/concerning/on/regarding financial information concerning a company
PHRASES access to information, the exchange of information, the flow of information to improve the flow of information within the company
a lack of information, a request for information, a source of information

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The information he gave me was very useful.
Are you sure this information is correct?
He was jailed for providing false information to the police.
relevant (=about the subject you are interested in)
Some of the information in the article is not particularly relevant.
That information was confidential and should not have been passed on.
more/further/additional information
For more information, visit our website.
new information
The police have received new information about the case.
the latest information (=information that has been discovered very recently)
We have access to all the latest information.
the necessary information
This leaflet should provide you with all the necessary information.
detailed information
More detailed information is available free on request.
financial/economic information
The financial information contained in the report is based on the company's audited accounts.
background information (=information explaining what happened before the present situation)
He gave us some background information about the trial.
have information
Do you have any information about coach trips to Oxford?
contain information
The documents contained top secret information.
get/receive information
It is vital that people receive the information they need.
give/provide information
a booklet giving information about local education services
collect/gather information
The job consisted of gathering information about consumer needs.
need information
When I needed information for my report, Jack was always extremely helpful.
look for information (also seek information formal)
Journalists going to the building to seek information were denied entry.
exchange information (=give information to each other)
The meetings provided an opportunity to exchange information.
disseminate information formal (=give it to a lot of people)
The internet plays a key role in disseminating information.
a piece/bit of information (also an item of information formal)
He provided me with several useful pieces of information.
a source of information (=someone or something that can provide information)
Newspapers are valuable sources of information.

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BAD: On Friday we'll be able to give you further information of the trip.
GOOD: On Friday we'll be able to give you further information about the trip.
BAD: Can you give me any information for summer courses?
GOOD: Can you give me any information about summer courses?

Usage Note:
information about/on sth (NOT of/for ): 'These files contain detailed information about our overseas customers.'

BAD: Would you please send me more informations about the course?
GOOD: Would you please send me more information about the course?
BAD: Let me know if you need a further information.
GOOD: Let me know if you need (any) further information.

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