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interest /ˈɪntrəst, ˈɪntrɪst/ noun
interest verb [transitive]

فرع ، ربح ، سهیم کردن ، توجه نظر ، (n.) بهره ، تنزیل ، سود ، مصلحت ، دلبستگی ، علاقه(vt.& vi.) .علاقمند کردن ، ذینفع کردن ، بر سر میل اوردن ، قانون ـ فقه: ربح ، مصلحت ، روانشناسی: رغبت ، بازرگانی: بهره ، علوم نظامی: سود یا بهره
مهندسی صنایع: بهره ، سود ، منفعت
علاقه ، میل ، دلبستگی

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- curiosity, attention, concern, notice, regard
- hobby, activity, diversion, pastime, preoccupation, pursuit
- advantage, benefit, good, profit
- stake, claim, investment, right, share
- intrigue, attract, catch one's eye, divert, engross, fascinate
Antonyms: disinterest, bore
Contrasted words: apathy, indifference, unconcern
Related Words: enthusiasm, excitement, passion, attention, care, concernment, absorption, engrossment, arouse, tantalize, titillate, lure, pull, snare, tempt, pique
English Thesaurus: hobby, interest, pastime, passion, pursuit, ...

[TahlilGaran] English Synonym Dictionary

I. interest1 S2 W1 /ˈɪntrəst, ˈɪntrɪst/ noun
[Word Family: adverb: interestingly, disinterestedly; adjective: interesteddisinteresteduninterested, interestingUNINTERESTING; verb: interest; noun: interestdisinterest]
[Date: 1400-1500; Origin: Anglo-French interesse, from Latin interesse 'to be between, make a difference, concern', from esse 'to be']

1. [singular, uncountable] if you have an interest in something or someone, you want to know or learn more about them
interest in
My parents encouraged my interest in science.
I’d recommend this book to anyone who has an interest in jazz.
Ben has shown an interest in learning French.
My mother had never expressed any interest in the garden.
Babies soon begin to take an interest in the world around them.
John appeared to have no interest in girls.
I watched the first few episodes, but soon lost interest.
The last round of bidding aroused considerable interest.
Our survey reveals a disturbing lack of interest in teacher training.
I read your article with great interest.

2. [countable usually plural] an activity that you enjoy doing or a subject that you enjoy studying:
His interests include walking and golf.
As a biologist, my main interest has been human genetics.
Her outside interests (=interests that are not part of her work) were numerous.

3. [uncountable] a quality or feature of something that attracts your attention or makes you want to know more about it:
A Persian rug will add colour and interest to your hallway.
be of (no) interest (to somebody) (=be interesting or not interesting to someone)
It’s a book that will be of interest to a wide range of readers.
What you do in your private life is of no interest to me.
art galleries, museums and other places of interest
topics of general interest (=that everyone wants to know about)

4. [uncountable]
a) the extra money that you must pay back when you borrow money
interest on
The interest on the loan is 16% per year.
How much are the monthly interest payments?
b) money paid to you by a bank or financial institution when you keep money in an account there:
an account that pays higher interest
The more you save, the more interest you’ll earn.compound interest, interest rate, simple interest

5. [countable usually plural, uncountable] the things that bring advantages to someone or something
protect/look after/safeguard sb’s interests
The regulations were introduced in order to safeguard the interests of local fishing communities.
be in sb’s (best) interest(s) (to do something) (=be the best thing for someone)
The court decided that it was in the girl’s best interests to remain with her grandparents.
have sb’s (best) interests at heart (=care about someone and want to do what is best for them)
He has your best interests at heart, you know.
We’ve got to balance economic interests and environmental interests.

6. be in the national/public interest to be good or necessary for the safety or success of a country and its people:
I believe it is in the public interest that these facts are made known.

7. in the interest(s) of justice/safety/efficiency etc in order to make a situation or system fair, safe etc:
The race was postponed in the interests of safety.

8. (just) out of interest/as a matter of interest spoken used to say that you are asking a question only because you are interested and not because you need to know:
Just out of interest, how much did they offer you?

9. [countable] if you have an interest in a particular company or industry, you own shares in it:
The company is believed to be keen to sell its extensive brewing interests.
His business interests are spread throughout Europe.
controlling interest (=enough shares to control what decisions are taken)
In 1986 GM acquired a controlling interest in the sports car maker Lotus.

10. [countable usually plural] a group of people in the same business who share aims or ideas:
Farming interests now dominate many of the National Park committees.
The majority of Brazil’s huge commercial interests support the measure.
the need to reduce the influence of special interests (=groups who are concerned about particular subjects)

11. have no interest in doing something to not want to do something:
I have no interest in continuing this conversation.

12. declare an interest (in something) to officially state that you are connected with something or someone, and so cannot be completely fair and independent when making a decision involving them

13. human interest/love interest the part of a story, film, or event which is interesting because it shows things about people’s lives or romantic relationships:
As a trainee reporter, she spent most of her time on human interest stories.
conflict of interest at conflict1(6), ⇒ self-interest, ⇒ vested interest at vested(1)

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II. interest2 verb [transitive]
[Word Family: adverb: interestingly, disinterestedly; adjective: interesteddisinteresteduninterested, interestingUNINTERESTING; verb: interest; noun: interestdisinterest]

1. to make someone want to pay attention to something and find out more about it:
Here’s an article which might interest you.
What interests me is all the history of these places.
It may interest you to know that a number of scholarships are available.

2. interest yourself in something formal to give something a lot of attention because you want to find out more about it:
He had always interested himself in foreign affairs.

3. to try to persuade someone to buy, do, or eat something
interest somebody in something
The salesman tried to interest me in the higher-priced model.
Could I interest you in a drink/dessert etc? (=used as a polite way of offering someone a drink etc)

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I. desire to learn/hear more about sb/sth
ADJ. avid, burning, close, considerable, consuming, deep, great, intense, keen, lively, passionate, strong The police were starting to take a close interest in the company's activities. She always had a great interest in the supernatural.
particular | growing, increasing | slightest He's never shown the slightest interest in football.
general, widespread | worldwide | serious | genuine | abiding, lifelong | passing | renewed | added I'll watch the programme with added interest now I know you're in it.
active | passive | polite He showed a polite interest in her story.
personal | media The event attracted a lot of media interest.
VERB + INTEREST have | evince, express, show, take My cousin expressed an interest in seeing where I work.
feign, simulate She feigned interest in a magazine article to avoid meeting the man's stare.
lose | arouse, attract, awaken, caught, drum up, excite, generate, kindle, spark, stimulate, stir up, whip up A sticker on a bag caught my interest. The government failed to drum up any public interest in the referendum. A childhood journey sparked his lifelong interest in railways.
develop While in prison he developed an interest in art.
maintain, sustain Despite intensive publicity, Channel 4 failed to maintain interest in its expensive new show.
INTEREST + VERB grow | flag, wane The children's interest began to flag after half an hour of the lesson.
PREP. for/out of ~ I'm asking purely out of interest.
with ~ They listened with interest.
~ among to stimulate interest among teachers
~ from growing interest from younger members
~ in She took an active interest in their welfare.

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II. quality that attracts attention
ADJ. great | particular Her comments are of particular interest to me.
broad, general, wide | architectural, artistic, historic/historical, scientific | academic Since the championship has already been decided, this match is of purely academic interest.
human a plot devoid of human interest
love Angelina Jolie supplies the love interest in the film.
VERB + INTEREST be of His books are of no interest to me at all.
hold no Their conversation held no interest for me.
add Bushes that flower in winter will add interest to your garden.
INTEREST + VERB lie in The interest of the painting lies in its unusual use of colour.
PREP. of ~ a building of great architectural interest

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III. sth you enjoy doing/learning about
ADJ. diverse, varied, wide, wide-ranging | private | artistic, musical, etc.
VERB + INTEREST have | share | pursue He wanted time to pursue his many and varied musical interests.

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IV. money earned from investments
ADJ. annual, monthly, etc. | compound, simple
VERB + INTEREST earn, make, receive | pay | charge
INTEREST + VERB accrue, bear
INTEREST + NOUN rate | payment | charge
PREP. ~ on to pay interest on a loan
PHRASES a rate of interest a mortgage with a fixed/flexible rate of interest

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V. benefits that sth has for sb
ADJ. best It's not in your best interests to let your boss know you're looking for a new job.
self-, selfish | common, mutual | competing, contradictory | long-term, short-term | narrow narrow sectional interests
direct Lawyers have a direct financial interest in the outcome of the debate.
paramount, vital | vested | national, public | class, sectional | foreign, outside | economic, financial, political, strategic, etc.
VERB + INTEREST defend, guard, look after, protect, safeguard | act in, advance, champion, further, promote, serve He claimed to be acting in the public interest.
represent | act against, jeopardize, threaten
INTEREST + VERB lie in sth | be at stake
INTEREST + NOUN group Various interest groups have expressed their opposition to the policy.
PREP. against sb/sth's ~(s) The solicitor refused to act against his client's interests.
contrary to sb/sth's ~ The union refused to support proposals that it saw as contrary to the interests of its members.
in sb/sth's ~(s) New work practices were introduced in the interests of efficiency.
of ~ We met to discuss matters of common interest.
out of ~ He was obviously acting purely out of selfish interest.
PHRASES a conflict of interests One member of the planning committee had a conflict of interests as he lived near the proposed motorway.
have sb's (best) interests at heart Although he was sometimes too strict with his children, he had their best interests at heart.

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VI. legal right to share in profits
ADJ. powerful | controlling, majority | minority | joint | banking, business, commercial, shipping
VERB + INTEREST have He has controlling interests in several ventures.
PREP. ~ in

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ADV. greatly, particularly, really, very much It is this aspect of the work that really interests me.
VERB + INTEREST try to She tried to interest the director in her scheme.

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have an interest in something
Steve has a keen interest in bird-watching.
show interest in something
He had shown great interest in her work.
express an interest in something (=say that you are interested in something)
A number of well-known film directors have expressed interest in the script.
take an interest in something (=be interested in something)
Jacky first took an interest in golf when he was about six years old.
have no interest in something
Andy had no interest in politics.
lose interest in something (=stop being interested)
Tilda had lost interest in what was being said.
arouse/generate/attract interest (=make people interested)
This extraordinary story has aroused interest in many quarters.
feign interest (=pretend to be interested)
Ted scanned the report, feigning interest.
interest grows
Interest in the project has steadily grown.
interest wanes (=becomes less)
When his initial interest waned, the teacher paid more attention to him.
great interest
The government has shown great interest in the idea.
enormous/intense interest (=very great)
This tournament has created enormous interest.
considerable/strong/keen interest
The results of their work will be of considerable interest.
special/particular interest
Natural history was a special interest of his.
a personal interest in something
He took a personal interest in the lives of his workers.
renewed interest (=starting again after it had stopped)
There has been a renewed interest in abstract painting in recent years.
a consuming interest (=a very strong feeling of interest)
Roland had a consuming interest in cricket.
a long-term/abiding interest (=an interest you have had for a long time)
She has had a long-term interest in antiques.
a lot of interest
There has been a lot of interest in the story.
a great deal of interest (=a lot of interest)
The exhibition has generated a great deal of interest.
a lack of interest
The show was cancelled due to a lack of interest on the part of the public.

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