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introduce /ˌɪntrəˈdjuːs $ -ˈduːs/ verb [transitive]

وارد کردن ، معرفی کردن ، نشان دادن ، باب کردن ، مرسوم کردن ، اشنا کردن ، مطرح کردن ، علوم نظامی: نشان دادن داخل کردن
- present, acquaint, familiarize, make known
- bring in, establish, found, initiate, institute, launch, pioneer, set up, start
- bring up, advance, air, broach, moot, put forward, submit
- insert, add, inject, put in, throw in (informal)
Antonyms: abstract, withdraw
Contrasted words: eject, evict, oust, eliminate, exclude
Related Words: inaugurate, induct, install, bring forward, establish, found, organize, innovate, invent, unveil, pioneer, inlay, inlet, inset, inject, instill, work in

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introduce S2 W1 /ˌɪntrəˈdjuːs $ -ˈduːs/ verb [transitive]
[Word Family: noun: introduction, intro; verb: introduce; adjective: introductory]
[Date: 1400-1500; Language: Latin; Origin: introducere, from ducere 'to lead']

1. WHEN PEOPLE MEET if you introduce someone to another person, you tell them each other’s names for the first time:
Have you two been introduced? Tom, this is Greg.
introduce somebody to somebody
June, let me introduce you to Bob.
introduce yourself (=formally tell someone who you are)
May I introduce myself? My name is Meg Johnson.

2. NEW SYSTEM/PRODUCT to bring a plan, system, or product into use for the first time:
They want to introduce a system of identity cards.
The store have introduced a new range of food for children.

In everyday British English, people often say bring in a plan, law, system etc rather than introduce it:
They want to bring in a system of identity cards.

3. BRING SOMETHING TO A PLACE to bring a type of thing somewhere for the first time
introduce something to/into something
The grey squirrel was introduced into Britain from North America.

4. NEW EXPERIENCE to show someone something or tell them about it for the first time
introduce somebody to something/introduce something to somebody
Malcolm introduced me to the joys of wine-tasting.

5. PROGRAMME/PUBLIC EVENT to speak at the beginning of and sometimes during a television or radio programme, or at the beginning of a public event:
Jim Adams will introduce tonight’s programme.

6. START A CHANGE to make something new start to happen or exist in a situation:
The peace agreement has introduced a feeling of optimism here.

7. LAW to formally present a possible new law to be discussed:
Several senators introduced legislation aimed at sexual harassment.

8. PUT SOMETHING INTO SOMETHING technical to put something carefully into something else
introduce something into something
Fuel was introduced into the jet pipe.

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I. tell people sb's name
ADV. formally, properly We have met before, but we haven't been formally introduced.
VERB + INTRODUCE allow me to, can, let me, may Let me introduce myself. May I introduce my wife, Sarah?
PREP. as He introduced me as a new member of the company.
to She introduced me to her neighbours.

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II. start using/doing sth for the first time
ADV. gradually | rapidly
VERB + INTRODUCE intend to, plan to, want to The local council plans to introduce new regulations on parking.
attempt to, try to She attempted in vain to introduce some order into the classroom.
PREP. into New technology is rapidly being introduced into factories.
PHRASES newly/recently introduced These measures have only been recently introduced.

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