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involvement /ɪnˈvɒlvmənt $ -ˈvɑːlv-/ noun

درگیری ، گرفتاری ، روانشناسی: درگیری
Synonyms: connection, association, commitment, interest, participation

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involvement W3 AC /ɪnˈvɒlvmənt $ -ˈvɑːlv-/ noun
[Word Family: verb: involve; noun: involvement; adjective: involvedUNINVOLVED]

1. [uncountable] the act of taking part in an activity or event, or the way in which you take part in it Synonym : participation:
School officials say they welcome parental involvement.
involvement in
His new book examines the United States’ involvement in World War II.
involvement with
Carey’s possible involvement with a series of robberies

2. [countable] something that you take part in or spend time doing:
sporting involvements
her political involvements

3. [uncountable] the feeling of excitement and satisfaction that you get from an activity
involvement in
Weaver admitted a strong emotional involvement in her client’s case.

4. [uncountable and countable] a romantic relationship between two people, especially when they are not married to each other
involvement with
Donna knew nothing of her husband’s involvement with another woman.

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ADJ. active, direct | close, deep, intense | full | day-to-day When she was promoted, she missed the day-to-day involvement with customers.
personal | emotional Nurses usually try to avoid emotional involvement with patients.
parental He encourages parental involvement in the running of school.
political | military The US government has ruled out military involvement in the region.
alleged He is serving a 15-year sentence for his alleged involvement in a plot to overthrow the government.
VERB + INVOLVEMENT accuse sb of | suspect sb of | admit, deny Winters denies any involvement in the robbery.
PREP. ~ by The success of the venture may lead to involvement by other foreign companies.
~ from The project needs full involvement from all members of the group.
~ in He was found to have a deep involvement in drug dealing.
~ with Her husband's involvement with another woman led to their divorce.

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