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iron /ˈaɪən $ ˈaɪərn/ noun

symb: Fe ، اطو ، اتو کردن ، اتو زدن ، اهن پوش کردن ، علوم مهندسی: اهن ، شیمی: اهن ، ورزش: چوب سرباریک اهنی مثل چوب شماره 12 گلف ، علوم هوایی: اهن
- ferrous, chalybeate, ferric
- inflexible, adamant, hard, implacable, indomitable, rigid, steely, strong, tough, unbending, unyielding

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I. iron1 S2 W3 /ˈaɪən $ ˈaɪərn/ noun
[Language: Old English; Origin: isern, iren]

1. METAL [uncountable] a common hard metal that is used to make steel, is magnetic, and is found in very small quantities in food and blood. It is a chemical element: symbol Fe:
the iron and steel industry
a driveway with large iron gates
iron ore (=rock that contains iron)
the absorption of iron from foodwrought iron, cast iron

FOR CLOTHES [countable] a thing used for making clothes smooth, which has a heated flat metal base

3. have several irons in the fire to be involved in several different activities or have several plans all happening at the same time:
He has several economic irons in the fire, including gold and diamond mines.

SPORT [countable] a golf club made of metal rather than wood:
a 5-iron

5. CHAINS irons [plural] especially literary a chain used to prevent a prisoner from moving:
leg irons
a will of iron/an iron will at will2(1), ⇒ pump iron at pump2(8), ⇒ rule somebody/something with a rod of iron at rule2(5), ⇒ strike while the iron’s hot at strike1(27)

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II. iron2 S3 verb [transitive]
to make clothes smooth using an iron Synonym : press:
Have you ironed my shirt?
iron something ↔ out phrasal verb
to solve or get rid of problems or difficulties, especially small ones:
We need to iron out a few problems first.

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III. iron3 adjective [only before noun]
very firm and strong or determined:
He runs the company with an iron fist.

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I. metal
ADJ. rusty | cast, corrugated, galvanized, wrought a hut with a corrugated iron roof
pig | scrap
VERB + IRON make, produce, smelt Germany produced enormous quantities of coal, iron and steel.
be rich in, contain foods that are rich in iron
be made from/(out) of, be cast in a bridge made of wrought iron
IRON + VERB go rusty, rust
IRON + NOUN ore mining iron ore locally
bar, ingot | filings | industry | foundry, works | deficiency patients with iron deficiency
tablets I was put on iron tablets for my anaemia.

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II. tool
ADJ. cool, hot, warm | electric, steam | travel
VERB + IRON use Use a cool iron on synthetics.
PHRASES run an iron over sth I just need to run an iron over my shirt, then I'm ready.

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ADV. beautifully, carefully, properly Her clothes were always beautifully ironed.
PHRASES freshly/newly ironed a neat pile of freshly ironed shirts
need ironing My jeans need ironing.

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