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rule /ruːl/ noun
rule verb

سلطه ، نظامات حکمرانی یا حکومت کردن ، قاعده ، دستور ، بربست ، قانون ، فرمانروایی ، حکومت کردن ، اداره کردن ، حکم کردن ، گونیا ، خط کش ، علوم مهندسی: خط کش ، کامپیوتر: نشان راه ، عمران: خط کش ، معماری: گونیا ، قانون ـ فقه: قاعده ، فرمانروایی ، روانشناسی: قاعده ، بازرگانی: قاعده ، علوم نظامی: حکومت کردن
مهندسی صنایع: قاعده ، قانون مهندسی صنایع: نیروی انسانی: قانون - قاعده الکترونیک: خط کش ، نشان راه ، کامپیوتر: قاعده ، فقهی: قاعده ، خط کش ، علوم مهندسی: قانون ، قاعده ، حکومت ، سلطه ، نظامات حکمرانی یا حکومت کردن ، فرمانروایی ، حقوق: خط کش ، قاعده ، گونیا ، معماری: قانون ، حکومت کردن ، علوم نظامی: خط کش ، عمران: قاعده ، روانشناسی: قانون ، قاعده ، اقتصاد: قاعده ، دستور، حکم ، بربست ، قانون ، فرمانروایی ، حکومت کردن ، اداره کردن ، حکم کردن ، گونیا، خط کش کامپیوتر: قاعده ، قانون

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- regulation, axiom, canon, decree, direction, guideline, law, maxim, precept, principle, tenet
- custom, convention, habit, practice, procedure, routine, tradition
- government, authority, command, control, dominion, jurisdiction, mastery, power, regime, reign
- as a rule: usually, generally, mainly, normally, on the whole, ordinarily
- govern, be in authority, be in power, command, control, direct, reign
- be prevalent, be customary, predominate, preponderate, prevail
- decree, decide, judge, pronounce, settle
Related Idioms: be number one, take first place (in or on)
Related Words: order, axiom, fundamental, principle, decorum, etiquette, propriety, guide, lead, preside, deduce, gather, infer, judge
English Thesaurus: control, run, be in charge of somebody/something, manage, be in power, ...

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I. rule1 S1 W1 /ruːl/ noun
[Word Family: noun: rule, ruler, ruling, unruliness; adjective: ruling, unruly, ruled; verb: rule, overrule]
[Date: 1200-1300; Language: Old French; Origin: reule, from Latin regula; regular1]

1. ABOUT WHAT IS ALLOWED [countable] an official instruction that says how things must be done or what is allowed, especially in a game, organization, or job
rule of
the rules of the game
under the rules/according to the rules
Under the rules, the company must publish its annual accounts.

2. ABOUT WHAT YOU SHOULD DO [countable] what you should do in a particular situation, or a statement about this:
There are no hard and fast rules (=clear and definite rules) about what to wear to classes.
rule of
There are two basic rules of survival.
The rule is: if you feel any pain you should stop exercising immediately.

3. NORMAL/USUAL [singular] something that is normal or usually true
as a (general) rule
As a general rule most students finish their coursework by the end of May.
Early marriage used to be the rule in that part of the world.
A series of payments used to be the exception rather than the rule.
Unfortunately there is an exception to every rule.

4. GOVERNMENT [uncountable] the government of a country or area by a particular group of people or using a particular system
under ... rule
people living under communist rule
the end of colonial rule
a period of military rule
direct rule from Westminster
the restoration of majority rule (=government by the party that most people have voted for) to Northern Ireland

5. IN GRAMMAR/SCIENCE ETC [countable] a statement about what is usually allowed in a particular system, such as the grammar of a language, or a science
rule of
the rules of English punctuation

6. the rule of law a situation in which the laws of a country are obeyed:
We are here to uphold the rule of law.

7. the rules of natural justice what people believe to be right and fair:
The governor failed to observe the rules of natural justice.

8. rule of thumb a rough figure or method of calculation, based on practical experience:
As a general rule of thumb, children this age should not spend more than one hour on homework.

9. make it a rule (to do something) to try to make sure that you always do something:
I make it a rule never to mix business with pleasure.

10. FOR MEASURING [countable] old-fashioned a ruler
golden rule, ground rules, home rule, slide rule, ⇒ work to rule at work1(32)

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II. rule2 W2 verb
[Word Family: noun: rule, ruler, ruling, unruliness; adjective: ruling, unruly, ruled; verb: rule, overrule]

1. GOVERNMENT [intransitive and transitive] to have the official power to control a country and the people who live there ⇒ govern:
Queen Victoria ruled England for 64 years.
African tribal societies were traditionally ruled by a council of elders.
rule over
Alexander the Great ruled over a huge empire.
He announced that henceforth he would rule by decree (=make all the important decisions himself).

2. CONTROL/INFLUENCE [transitive] if a feeling or desire rules someone, it has a powerful and controlling influence on their actions:
the passion for power and success which rules her life

3. COURT/LAW [intransitive always + adverb/preposition, transitive] to make an official decision about something, especially a legal problem ⇒ decree
rule that
The judge ruled that she should have custody of the children.
rule on
The Supreme Court has yet to rule on the case.
rule in favour of/against somebody/something
The tribunal ruled in her favour.
be ruled illegal/unlawful etc
This part of the bill was ruled unconstitutional.ruling1

4. rule the roost informal to be the most powerful person in a group:
His wife rules the roost in their house.

5. rule somebody/something with a rod of iron alsorule somebody with an iron fist/hand to control a group of people in a very severe way:
Although he was a fair man, he ruled us with an iron fist.

6. somebody/something rules informal used to say that the team, school, place etc mentioned is better than any other:
Arsenal rules OK. British English
graffiti saying ‘Poheny High rules’

7. DRAW A LINE [transitive] to draw a line using a ruler or other straight edge:
Rule a line under each answer.
overrule, ⇒ let your heart rule your head at heart(2)

[TahlilGaran] Dictionary of Contemporary English

I. what you can or cannot do, say, etc.
ADJ. basic, cardinal, first, fundamental, golden | ground ~s You and your flatmates should establish some ground rules.
general | formal, official, written | informal, unwritten | rigid, strict, stringent | absolute, hard and fast There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to choosing a typeface.
clear | simple Follow these few simple rules, and you won't go far wrong.
arbitrary | petty He made his children's lives a misery with all his petty rules.
club, company, competition, school, union, etc. | cultural, ethical, legal, moral, social | disciplinary, immigration, safety, tax | grammar, grammatical
QUANT. set The aim is to get each member country to adhere to a single set of rules.
VERB + RULE draw up, establish, formulate, impose, issue, lay down, make, set out | abide by, adhere to, follow, go by, obey, observe, play by, stick to If he wanted a loan he would have to play by the bank's rules.
be in line with, conform to The packaging does not conform to EU rules.
be in breach of, break, disregard, fall foul of, flout, violate Their action was in breach of Stock Exchange rules.
apply, enforce The referee applied the rules to the letter (= very strictly).
bend, relax Couldn't they just bend the rules and let us in without a ticket?
waive | tighten up The rules on claiming sickness benefit have been tightened up.
be bound by, be fettered by, be governed by Social workers are bound by rules of confidentiality.
interpret, understand The punishment depends on how the umpire interprets the rules.
RULE + VERB apply, be applicable, operate | provide sth, say sth, state sth, stipulate sth The competition rules provide that a cash alternative may be given.
govern sth the rules governing the importing of livestock
allow (for) sth, permit sth The existing rules allow for some flexibility.
forbid sth, prohibit sth | limit sth, restrict sth rules limiting imports
RULE + NOUN book The officials went strictly by the rule book.
PREP. according to the ~s According to the rules, no alcohol can be consumed on the premises. | against/contrary to the ~s Tackling a player without the ball is against the rules.
in accordance with the ~s The music was turned off at midnight, in accordance with the rules.
outside the ~s behaviour which is outside the rules
under a/the ~ Under this rule, only full members of the club are entitled to vote.
within the ~s I believed I was acting within the rules.
~ about/concerning/on/regarding/relating to What are the school rules about dress?
~ for There seems to be one rule for the rich and another for the poor. What is the rule for forming plurals?
~ of the rules of the game
PHRASES a breach/violation of the rules, a body/code/network/system of rules, respect for the rules, rules and regulations

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II. what is usual
ADJ. general There are few exceptions to the general rule that shops close at six o'clock.
PREP. as a ~ As a rule, hardly anybody uses this road.
PHRASES be the rule Among her friends, casual dress and a relaxed manner are the rule.

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III. government
ADJ. authoritarian, harsh | direct, indirect | emergency The president imposed emergency rule following the riots.
majority | one-party | Labour, Tory, etc. | colonial | home | civilian, military | presidential | mob the lawless days of mob rule
VERB + RULE impose
PREP. under … ~ The country remained under direct rule by the occupying powers.
PHRASES the rule of law a society based on the rule of law

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ADV. justly
PREP. by the president's powers to rule by decree
over He left his son to rule over Saragossa.
PHRASES rule supreme, rule with an iron fist/hand; rule with a rod of iron (= control a person or group of people very severely) PHRASAL VERBS rule sth out
ADV. altogether, categorically, completely, definitely, entirely, firmly, totally This theory cannot be ruled out altogether.
virtually | effectively His age effectively ruled him out as a possible candidate.
apparently | automatically Infringement of this regulation would automatically rule you out of the championship.
immediately | formerly, hitherto, previously
VERB + RULE cannot/could not, fail to, refuse to
PREP. as Police have now ruled her out as the killer.

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break a rule (also violate a rule formal) (=not obey it)
He had clearly broken the official rules.
Any one who violates this rule will be severely punished.
obey/follow a rule
She wasn’t going to obey their silly rules.
comply with/abide by/observe a rule formal (=obey it)
All members must comply with the rules of the organization.
There is little that one country can do if another fails to abide by the rules.
We expect you to observe the general rules of conduct as set out below.
stick to/go by the rules informal (=obey them)
We all have to stick to the rules.
make the rules
I’m only an assistant manager – I don’t make the rules.
the rule says ...
The rule says that you must be standing inside the line.
the rule stipulates that ... formal (=it says that something must be done)
The rules stipulate that clubs must field the strongest team available.
the rule prohibits/forbids something
The rule forbids women from becoming members of the club.
the rule requires (that) ... formal (=it says that people must do something)
School rules required all girls to tie back their hair.
the rule applies to somebody/something (=it concerns them)
Everyone thinks that the rule doesn’t apply to them.
play by the rules (=do what is expected and agreed)
The system works well enough — as long as everyone plays by the rules.
bend/stretch the rules (=allow someone to do something that is not normally allowed)
They bend the rules to suit themselves.
relax the rules (=make them less strict)
Britain relaxed its immigration rules.
tighten (up) the rules (=make them stricter)
The EU has tightened the rules on the quality of drinking water.
enforce a rule (=make sure that it is obeyed)
The planning office does not always enforce its own rules.
flout a rule (=break it, without trying to hide what you are doing)
The party continues to flout its own rules.
be bound by rules (=have to obey them)
Solicitors are bound by strict rules that regulate their professional conduct.
They have very strict rules about gambling.
The rules of the game are quite simple.
petty (=unreasonable rules about unimportant things)
There are hundreds of petty rules.
a school/prison/club etc rule
He had broken one of the school rules.
an unwritten rule (=a rule of behaviour that everyone in a group understands)
There’s an unwritten rule that you never call an actor before 10 a.m.
health and safety rules
You should follow any health and safety rules which apply to your workplace.
be against the rules (=not be allowed)
It was against the rules to talk in class.
the rules concerning/governing/relating to something formal (=the rules about something)
the rules governing food labeling
a change in the rules
I didn’t realise that there had been a change in the rules.
a breach of the rules formal (=something that is against the rules)
a serious breach of the rules
rules and regulations
The government keeps introducing more and more rules and regulations.
rules are rules spoken (=a rule must be obeyed)
Rules are rules and you have to abide by them.

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See: exception proves the rule , ground rule

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