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kid /kɪd/ noun

چرم بزغاله ، کودک ، بچه ، کوچولو ، دست انداختن ، مسخره کردن
Synonyms: child, baby, bairn, infant, teenager, tot, youngster, youth
Synonyms: tease, delude, fool, hoax, jest, joke, pretend, trick, wind up (Brit. slang)
English Thesaurus: child, kid, little boy/little girl, teenager, adolescent, ...

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I. kid1 S1 W2 /kɪd/ noun
[Date: 1100-1200; Language: Old Norse; Origin: kith]

1. [countable] informal a child:
She’d always loved animals since she was a little kid.
He’s married with three kids.
A neighbor volunteered to keep an eye on the kids (=their children or the children they are responsible for).

Kid is informal. For formal or written styles use child:
Research suggests that children from abusive families are likely to repeat violent behaviour.

2. [countable] informal a young person:
college kids

3. [countable usually singular] used by adults to address a person who is younger than them:
Hey kid, come here.

4. kid’s stuff (also kid stuff American English) something that is too easy or boring:
Pokémon? Oh boy, that is kid stuff!

a) [countable] a young goat
b) [uncountable] very soft leather made from the skin of a young goat:
a pair of white kid boots

6. kid gloves a way of treating someone kindly and carefully because they easily become upset
treat/handle somebody with kid gloves
I want you to treat Hayley with kid gloves today. She’s still upset about her father.

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II. kid2 S2 verb (past tense and past participle kidded, present participle kidding) informal
[Date: 1500-1600; Origin: Probably from kid1]

1. [intransitive and transitive] to say something that is not true, especially as a joke Synonym : joke
just/only kidding
Don’t get mad – I was only kidding.

2. [transitive] to make jokes or say funny things about someone in a friendly way Synonym : tease
kid somebody about something
We were kidding Mom about being a grandmother.
kid somebody (that)
My friends kidded me that my gear would fill the car.

3. no kidding?/are you kidding?/you’re kidding spoken used when you are so surprised by what someone has told you that you do not completely believe them:
Carlotta’s 39? No kidding?

4. no kidding spoken
a) used to say that you understand and agree with what someone has just said:
‘That girl has some major problems.’ ‘Yeah, no kidding.’
b) used to emphasize a threat or that you are telling the truth:
If you break that thing, you’ll be grounded for a week – no kidding.
And then he saw us and – no kidding – he asked us if we wanted a ride.

5. [transitive] to let yourself believe something that is untrue or unlikely
kid yourself (that)
Don’t kid yourself he’ll ever change.
We thought we could change the world. Just who were we trying to kid?

6. I kid you not spoken used to emphasize that you are telling the truth
—kidding noun [uncountable]
kid around phrasal verb
to behave in a silly way:
Stop kidding around and listen.

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III. kid3 adjective
kid sister/brother especially American English informal your kid sister or brother is younger than you are Synonym : little sister/brother British English

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ADJ. little, young | big, older The older kids had lessons in the afternoon as well.
cute, good, lovely, nice | poor I feel desperately sorry for the poor kid.
rich a spoilt little rich kid
local a gang of local kids
street street kids who rely on their ingenuity to keep alive
school (also schoolkid)
QUANT. bunch, couple They're just a bunch of kids.
VERB + KID have We both wanted to have kids.
bring up I've tried to bring my kids up to respect other people.
look after, take care of
PHRASES just/only a kid He's only a kid. You can't expect him to understand what's going on.
like a kid She was crying like a kid.

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DUBIOUS: Films of this type are not suitable for young kids.
GOOD: Films of this type are not suitable for young children.

Usage Note:
Kid is used only in informal styles: 'I'll ring you back once the kids are in bed.'

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