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knockout /ˈnɒk-aʊt $ ˈnɑːk-/ noun [countable]

(مشت زنی) با ضربت بیهوش کننده ای حریف رابزمین زدن ، ضربه فنی کردن ، از پا در اوردن ، ویران کردن ، ضربت قاطع ، ممتاز ، عالی ، ورزش: ناک اوت
- killer blow, coup de grâce, KO or K.O. (slang)
- success, hit, sensation, smash, smash hit, triumph, winner

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I. knockout1 /ˈnɒk-aʊt $ ˈnɑːk-/ noun [countable]

1. when a boxer hits his opponent so hard that he falls down and cannot get up again:
The fight ended in a knockout.

2. informal someone or something that is very attractive or successful:
Her dress was a knockout.

3. a type of competition in which only the winning players or teams at each stage continue to play until there is only one winner

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II. knockout2 adjective informal

1. knockout punch/blow
a) a hard hit that knocks someone down so that they cannot get up again
b) an action or event that causes defeat or failure:
High interest rates have been a knockout blow to the business.

2. relating to a type of competition in which only the winning players or teams at each stage continue to play:
Scotland’s failure to get through the knockout stage of the competition

3. knockout pills/drops etc pills etc that make someone unconscious

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n., slang
1. Strikingly beautiful woman.
Sue is a regular knockout.
2. A straight punch in boxing that causes one's opponent to fall and lose consciousness.
The champion won the fight with a straight knockout.

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