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pill /pɪl/ noun

حب دارو ، دانه ، حب ساختن
پزشکی: قرص

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- tablet, capsule, pellet
- the pill: oral contraceptive
Related Words: narcotic, soporific
English Thesaurus: medicine, pill, tablet, antibiotics/aspirin/codeine etc, capsule, ...

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I. pill1 S3 /pɪl/ noun
[Date: 1400-1500; Language: Latin; Origin: pilula, from pila 'ball']

1. [countable] a small solid piece of medicine that you swallow whole:
He has to take pills to control his blood pressure.
sleeping pills
a bottle of vitamin pills

2. the Pill/the pill a pill taken regularly by some women in order to prevent them having babies
on the Pill
My doctor advised me to go on the pill (=start taking it regularly).

3. sugar/sweeten the pill to do something to make an unpleasant job or situation less unpleasant for the person who has to accept it

4. be a pill American English informal if someone, especially a child, is a pill, they are annoying:
Luke can be a real pill sometimes.
a bitter pill (to swallow) at bitter1(7), ⇒ morning-after pill

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II. pill2 verb [intransitive] American English
if a piece of clothing pills, especially a sweater, it forms little balls on the surface of the cloth after it has been worn or washed

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I. small round flat piece of medicine
ADJ. diet, sleeping, vitamin
QUANT. bottle
VERB + PILL pop, swallow, take | give sb, prescribe (sb) The doctor prescribed her some pills to help her sleep.

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II. the pill: to avoid becoming pregnant
ADJ. contraceptive
VERB + PILL be on, go on, use | prescribe (sb), put sb on Her doctor put her on the pill at 16.
come off, stop

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take a pill (=use it by swallowing it)
Have you taken your pills?
swallow a pill
He swallowed a handful of pills.
pop a pill informal (=take one too easily, without thinking about it seriously)
Some people just pop a pill to get a good night's sleep.
a doctor prescribes pills (=tells someone to take them)
Her doctor just prescribed more pills and told her to take it easy.
a sleeping pill
I took a sleeping pill and tried to go back to sleep.
malaria pills (=pills that prevent malaria)
vitamin pills
diet pills (=pills that are said to help you become thinner)

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See: bitter pill

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