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lacking /ˈlækɪŋ/ adjective [not before noun]

lack: عدم ، کمبود ، نبودن ، نداشتن ، احتیاج ، فقدان ، کسری ، فاقد بودن ، ناقص بودن ، کم داشتن ، نیازمندی ، نبودن
Synonyms: absent, away, gone, missing, omitted, wanting, deficient, defective, half-assed, inadequate, incomplete, insufficient, uncomplete
Synonyms: without, awanting, minus, sans, wanting

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lacking /ˈlækɪŋ/ adjective [not before noun]

1. not having enough of something or any of it
lacking in
He was lacking in confidence.
She seems to be entirely lacking in intelligence.
The new designs have all been found lacking in some important way.

2. if something that you need or want is lacking, it does not exist:
Financial backing for the project is still lacking.
These qualities are sadly lacking today.

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VERBS be, feel, seem Her life felt lacking in direction and purpose.
find sth an area of policy where the government has been found seriously lacking
ADV. seriously | altogether, completely, entirely, quite, totally, wholly The book is altogether lacking in originality.
a bit, a little, rather, somewhat | apparently | clearly, conspicuously, distinctly, notably, noticeably, obviously Tom was conspicuously lacking in enthusiasm for the idea.
singularly | curiously, strangely | sadly, sorely, woefully
PREP. from the passion sadly lacking from his performance
in Her remarks were curiously lacking in perception.

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