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large /lɑːdʒ $ lɑːrdʒ/ adjective (comparative larger, superlative largest)

وسیع ، جادار ، پهن ، درشت ، لبریز ، جامع ، کامل ، سترگ ، بسیط ، بزرگ ، حجیم ، هنگفت
- big, considerable, enormous, gigantic, great, huge, immense, massive, monumental, sizable or sizeable, substantial, vast
- at large: free, at liberty, on the loose, on the run, unconfined, in general, as a whole, chiefly, generally, in the main, mainly, at length, exhaustively, greatly, in full detail
Antonyms: small
Contrasted words: diminutive, little, minute, tiny, wee, slender, slight, slim, thin
Related Words: colossal, enormous, gigantic, huge, immense, mammoth, vast, voluminous, monstrous, monumental, prodigious, stupendous, tremendous, excessive, exorbitant, extravagant, extreme, immoderate, inordinate
English Thesaurus: big, large, major, considerable/substantial, huge/massive/enormous, ...

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I. large1 S1 W1 /lɑːdʒ $ lɑːrdʒ/ adjective (comparative larger, superlative largest)
[Word Family: noun: enlargement, enlarger; adjective: large, largish; verb: enlarge; adverb: largely]
[Date: 1100-1200; Language: Old French; Origin: Latin largus]

1. big in size, amount, or number Antonym : small:
Los Angeles is the second largest city in the US.
The T-shirt comes in Small, Medium and Large.
a large ovenproof pan
large sums of money
those who drink large amounts of coffee
A large number of students have signed up for the course.

2. a large person is tall and often fat Antonym : small

3. be at large if a dangerous person or animal is at large, they have escaped from somewhere or have not been caught:
The escaped prisoners are still at large.

4. the population/public/society/world etc at large people in general:
The chemical pollution poses a threat to the population at large.

5. the larger issues/question/problem/picture more general facts, situations, or questions related to something:
The book helps to explain the larger picture in the Middle East.

6. in large part/measure formal mostly:
Their success was due in large part to their ability to speak Spanish.

7. (as) large as life British English spoken used when someone has appeared or is present in a place where you did not expect to see them:
I turned a corner and there was Joe, as large as life.

8. larger than life someone who is larger than life is very amusing or exciting in an attractive way

9. by and large used when talking generally about someone or something:
Charities, by and large, do not pay tax.
loom large at loom1(3), ⇒ writ large at writ2

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II. large2 verb
large it (up) British English informal to enjoy yourself, especially in a way that involves drinking alcohol, dancing etc:
Here’s a picture of us larging it up in Brighton last summer.

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VERBS be, feel, look, seem Some of the clothes looked very large.
become, get, grow By this time his debt had got extremely large. The plant had grown quite large.
ADV. exceptionally, extremely, very | comparatively, fairly, moderately, quite, rather, reasonably, relatively Isn't that jumper rather large?
enough, sufficiently Are you sure the hall will be large enough?
indefinitely, infinitely The universe is infinitely large.
abnormally, disproportionately, surprisingly, unexpectedly, unusually His eyes were abnormally large.

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DUBIOUS: The road wasn't large enough for two cars.
GOOD: The road wasn't wide enough for two cars.

Usage Note:
When you are talking about the distance from one side to the other, use wide or broad : 'The river is much too wide to swim across.' 'How did you get such broad shoulders?'

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See: at large , by and large

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