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laugh /lɑːf $ læf/ verb
laugh noun

صدای خنده ، خنده ، خندیدن ، خندان بودن
- chuckle, be in stitches, chortle, giggle, guffaw, snigger, split one's sides, titter
- chuckle, chortle, giggle, guffaw, snigger, titter
- clown, card (informal), entertainer, hoot (informal), scream (informal)
- joke, hoot (informal), lark, scream (informal)
Related Words: cachinnate, cackle, crow, roar, whoop, beam, grin, simper, smile, smirk
English Thesaurus: laugh, giggle, chuckle, snigger, titter, ...

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I. laugh1 S2 W2 /lɑːf $ læf/ verb
[Word Family: noun: laugh, laughter; adverb: laughably, laughingly; verb: laugh; adjective: laughable]
[Language: Old English; Origin: hliehhan]

1. [intransitive] to make sounds with your voice, usually while you are smiling, because you think something is funny:
Maria looked at him and laughed.
laugh at/about
‘I didn’t know what I was doing,’ she said, laughing at the memory.
Tony was laughing so hard he had to steady himself on the table.
Nora laughed so much that she nearly cried.
laugh heartily/uproariously/hysterically etc (=laugh a lot)
The kids tumbled around on the floor, laughing hysterically.
He couldn’t help it; he burst out laughing (=suddenly started laughing).
laugh your head off
He’s one of the few writers who can make me laugh out loud.

2. [transitive] to say something in a voice that shows you are amused:
‘You look ridiculous!’ Nick laughed.

3. not know whether to laugh or cry to feel upset or annoyed about something bad that has happened, but also able to see that there is something funny about it:
And when I couldn’t find the passports – honestly, I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry!

4. don’t make me laugh spoken used when someone has just told you something that is completely untrue, asked for something impossible etc:
‘Can you finish this by tomorrow?’ ‘Don’t make me laugh.’

5. no laughing matter informal something serious that should not be joked about:
It’s no laughing matter having to walk by a group of rowdy drunks every night just to get home.

6. be laughed out of court (also be laughed out of town/business etc American English) if a person or idea is laughed out of court etc, the idea is not accepted because people think it is completely stupid:
We can’t propose that! We’d be laughed out of court!

7. you have to laugh spoken used to say that, even though a situation is annoying or disappointing, you can also see that there is something funny about it

8. be laughing all the way to the bank informal to make a lot of money without making much effort

9. somebody will be laughing on the other side of their face spoken used to say that although someone is happy or confident now, they will be in trouble later

10. be laughing British English spoken informal to be happy or in a good situation, for example because something has had a successful result for you:
Well they paid me, didn’t they, so I’m laughing.

11. laugh in sb’s face to behave towards someone in a way that shows that you do not respect them:
I told my sister what I thought, and she just laughed in my face.

12. laugh up your sleeve to be secretly happy, especially because you have played a trick on someone or criticized them without them knowing

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II. laugh2 S3 noun
[Word Family: noun: laugh, laughter; adverb: laughably, laughingly; verb: laugh; adjective: laughable]

1. [countable] the act of laughing or the sound you make when you laugh:
He gave a short laugh.
with a laugh
‘What a mess!’ she said, with a laugh.

2. [countable] if something is a laugh, you have fun and enjoy yourself when you are doing it:
We all went to the beach last night – it was a really good laugh.
The other campers were nice, and we had a great laugh together.
It was a great holiday with lots of laughs.

3. somebody is a (good) laugh British English used to say that someone is amusing and fun to be with:
I like Peter – he’s a good laugh.

4. for laughs (also for a laugh British English) for fun:
We took the hot-air balloon ride, just for laughs.

5. that’s a laugh spoken used to say that something is silly or unlikely:
Me? Star in a film? That’s a laugh.

6. have the last laugh to finally be successful, win an argument etc, after other people have earlier criticized you, defeated you etc:
Men make jokes about women drivers, but women have the last laugh – their insurance rates are cheaper.

7. be a laugh a minute informal to be very funny – sometimes used humorously to mean that someone or something is not at all funny

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I. sound/act of laughing
ADJ. loud | light, little, short, slight, small | low | big, good, great The last joke got the biggest laugh.
belly, booming, hearty | barking, cackling, harsh, husky, throaty | silvery, tinkling | amused, delighted | embarrassed, nervous, shaky | polite | bitter, brittle, cynical, derisive, dry, forced, hollow, humourless, mirthless, mocking, rueful, scornful She forced a humourless laugh.
VERB + LAUGH give, let out, utter He gave a short, amused laugh.
have | force, manage | enjoy, like He enjoys a good laugh.
get, raise Few of his jokes got a laugh. She got a laugh out of Jack.
LAUGH + VERB escape sb A small laugh escaped her.
PREP. for a ~ She dyed her hair green just for a laugh.
with a ~ He left the room with a cynical laugh.
~ about/at We all had a great laugh about it afterwards.
PHRASES be good for a laugh Paul's always good for a laugh (= always amusing).
have the last laugh We'll have the last laugh if she finds out that you're the one who played the trick.
a laugh at sb's expense Oh yes, very funny?have your laugh at my expense!
the laugh is on sb (= sb looks ridiculous after they have tried to make fun of sb else)

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II. sb/sth that is amusing
ADJ. good, real
PHRASES a barrel of laughs, a bit of a laugh, a laugh a minute (= very funny)

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ADV. aloud, loudly, out loud It looked so funny that I almost laughed out loud.
gently, lightly, quietly, softly, silently, under your breath | deeply, heartily, a lot, really, uproariously He laughed heartily at his own joke.
just, merely, simply I thought she would be angry but she just laughed.
almost | briefly, a little, shortly | suddenly | easily, freely She smiles and laughs easily.
openly, outright | helplessly, uncontrollably | cheerfully, delightedly, excitedly, happily | hysterically, nervously | politely | incredulously, in disbelief | angrily, bitterly, cynically, derisively, grimly, harshly, hollowly, humourlessly, mirthlessly, ruefully, scornfully, sourly, wryly He realized how he had been fooled, and laughed bitterly.
together talking and laughing together
VERB + LAUGH have to, want to He looked so funny I just had to laugh.
begin to, start to | try not to I was watching them and trying not to laugh.
make sb He pulled a funny face to make us laugh.
hear sb I heard him suddenly laugh aloud.
PREP. about Tomorrow you'll be able to laugh about this.
at The audience laughed at her jokes.
with talking and laughing with the children Trent almost laughed with relief.
PHRASES burst out laughing, can't/couldn't help/stop laughing She was telling us jokes and we couldn't stop laughing.
fall about laughing It was so funny we just fell about laughing.
find yourself laughing He laughed, and she found herself laughing with him.
stop laughing

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burst out laughing (=suddenly start laughing)
She looked at him and burst out laughing.
make somebody laugh
I like Ron, he makes me laugh.
begin/start to laugh
He suddenly began to laugh.
want to laugh (=to feel like laughing, even though it might be more polite not to)
He was so earnest that I wanted to laugh.
try not to laugh (=to not laugh, even though something is funny, because it would not be polite)
‘Are you all right?’ Amy said, trying not to laugh.
fall about laughing British English (=laugh a lot)
He saw the look on my face and he just fell about laughing.
laugh hysterically (=laugh so much that you cannot stop, because you find something extremely funny)
The people at the next table were laughing hysterically at us.
laugh heartily especially written (=laugh a lot)
Misha laughed heartily throughout the play.
laugh out loud/aloud (=laugh so that other people can hear you)
Some parts of the book were so funny that they made me laugh out loud.
laugh your head off (=laugh a lot)
The audience laughed its head off all the way through.
laugh till you cry/laugh till the tears run down your face
He leaned back in his chair and laughed till the tears ran down his face.

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