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FORMAL vocabulary

learned /ˈlɜːnəd, ˈlɜːnɪd $ ˈlɜːr-/ adjective

دانا ، عالم ، دانشمند ، فاضل ، عالمانه
Synonyms: scholarly, academic, erudite, highbrow, intellectual, versed, well-informed, well-read
Contrasted words: ignorant, illiterate, uneducated, unlearned, unlettered, untutored
Related Words: cultivated, cultured, academic, bookish, pedantic, professorial, abstruse, esoteric, polymath, recondite

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learned /ˈlɜːnəd, ˈlɜːnɪd $ ˈlɜːr-/ adjective formal
[Word Family: noun: learner, learning, unlearn; verb: learn; adverb: learnedly; adjective: learned]

1. a learned person has a lot of knowledge because they have read and studied a lot:
a learned professor

2. learned books/works etc books etc that are written by people who have a lot of knowledge:
learned works on natural history
—learnedly adverb

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