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lecture /ˈlektʃə $ -ər/ noun [countable]

کنفرانس ، درس ، سخنرانی کردن ، خطابه گفتن ، نطق کردن ، علوم نظامی: درس دادن با گفتار تنها کنفرانس
- talk, address, discourse, instruction, lesson, speech
- rebuke, dressing-down (informal), reprimand, reproof, scolding, talking-to (informal), telling off (informal)
- talk, address, discourse, expound, hold forth, speak, spout, teach
- scold, admonish, berate, castigate, censure, reprimand, reprove, tell off (informal)
English Thesaurus: reprimand, scold, tell somebody off, give somebody a talking-to, lecture, ...

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I. lecture1 S2 W3 /ˈlektʃə $ -ər/ noun [countable]
[Word Family: noun: lecture, lecturer, lectureship; verb: lecture]
[Date: 1200-1300; Language: Late Latin; Origin: lectura 'act of reading', from Latin legere 'to read']

1. a long talk on a particular subject that someone gives to a group of people, especially to students in a university ⇒ speech
lecture on
He regularly gives lectures on modern French literature.

2. an act of criticizing someone or warning them about something in a long serious talk, in a way that they think is unfair or unnecessary
lecture on/about
My father caught me and gave me a long lecture about the dangers of drink.

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II. lecture2 AC verb
[Word Family: noun: lecture, lecturer, lectureship; verb: lecture]

1. [transitive] to talk angrily or seriously to someone in order to criticize or warn them, in a way that they think is unfair or unnecessary:
I wish you’d stop lecturing me!
lecture somebody about/on something
He began to lecture us about making too much noise.

2. [intransitive] to talk to a group of people on a particular subject, especially to students in a university
lecture on
He lectures on European art at Manchester University.

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I. talk given to a group of people
ADJ. fascinating, interesting | boring | formal | illustrated | impromptu | guest A two-day event of guest lectures, seminars and workshops.
popular, public | annual | inaugural, introductory Professor Pearson gave the inaugural lecture in the new lecture theatre.
keynote, plenary | memorial
QUANT. course, programme, series
VERB + LECTURE deliver, give, present | hold, put on The society is putting on a series of lectures on the subject next term.
attend, go to, hear (formal), listen to | miss, skip | prepare, write
LECTURE + NOUN course, programme, series | hall, room, theatre | notes | tour | circuit a familiar figure on the international lecture circuit
PREP. at a/the ~ She wasn't at the lecture.
during a/the ~ The fire bell went during his lecture.
in a/the ~ She referred to Professor Jones's work in her lecture on Shakespeare's imagery.
~ by a lecture by Professor Snow
~ about/on, ~ to a lecture to the Darwin Society
PHRASES a lecture entitled sth a lecture entitled ‘How to Prevent Food Poisoning’
a lecture on the subject of sth

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II. serious talk to sb about their behaviour
ADJ. little, long | severe, stern
VERB + LECTURE give sb, read sb She read me a stern lecture on ingratitude.
get I got a lecture from Dad about coming home on time.
PREP. ~ about/on I don't take lectures from anyone on how to behave.
~ from

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give a lecture (also deliver a lecture formal)
She gave a fascinating lecture on crime in the 1800s.
He delivered the lecture at the London School of Economics.
do a lecture informal:
He’s doing a lecture on modern poetry.
go to a lecture (also attend a lecture formal)
Have you been to any of Professor MacPherson’s lectures?
I recently attended a lecture by a noted historian.
listen to a lecture
Most students spend about a quarter of their time listening to lectures.
a lecture hall/room (also a lecture theatre British English)
The lecture hall was packed.
lecture notes
Can I borrow your lecture notes?
a lecture tour (=a trip that someone takes to many different places to give a lecture)
He’s on a lecture tour of the US.
a series of lectures (also a course of lectures British English)
a series of lectures on the history of art
a public lecture (=a lecture which the general public are allowed to go to)
He’s going to deliver a public lecture on politics in the Middle East.
an illustrated lecture (=a lecture with pictures such as slides)
Mrs Robinson gave a fascinating illustrated lecture on Spanish history.

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