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legality /lɪˈɡæləti, lɪˈɡælɪti/ noun

قانونی بودن ، مطابقت با قانون ، رعایت قانون ، قانون ـ فقه: مشروعیت ، مطابقت با قانون
Synonyms: legitimacy, lawfulness, rightfulness, validity

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legality AC /lɪˈɡæləti, lɪˈɡælɪti/ noun
[Word Family: noun: legalityillegality, legalization, legalese, illegal; adjective: legalillegal, legalistic; verb: legalize; adverb: legallyillegally]

1. [uncountable] the fact of being allowed by law
legality of
Several ministers have questioned the legality of the ban.

2. legalities [plural] the legal parts of an agreement:
We’ve sold the house and are just waiting to complete all the legalities.

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ADJ. doubtful, dubious
VERB + LEGALITY challenge, question Her lawyer is challenging the legality of the court order.
assert, recognize, uphold The government does not recognize the legality of this court.
PHRASES doubt/doubts about the legality of sth

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