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lessen /ˈlesən/ verb [intransitive and transitive]

تقلیل یافتن ، کمتر شدن ، تخفیف یافتن ، کمتر کردن ، تقلیل دادن ، کاستن ، کاهش دادن
Synonyms: reduce, contract, decrease, diminish, ease, lower, minimize, narrow, shrink
Related Words: amputate, clip, crop, truncate, attenuate, dilute, thin, weaken

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lessen /ˈlesən/ verb [intransitive and transitive]
to become smaller in size, importance, or value, or make something do this Synonym : reduce
lessen the risk/chance/possibility etc (of something)
Exercise lessens the risk of heart disease.
lessen the impact/effect/importance (of something)
The new project will lessen the effects of car pollution.
Gradually her anxiety lessened.

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ADV. considerably, greatly, significantly Eating a good diet significantly lessens the risk of heart disease.
gradually Time had gradually lessened the pain of her grief.
VERB + LESSEN begin to The noise began to lessen.
try to | tend to Too much background detail tends to lessen the impact of the central image.
help (to) Regular exercise can help to lessen the pain.

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BAD: Fortunately, my workload has been lessened.
GOOD: Fortunately, my workload has been reduced.
BAD: The best solution is to lessen the amount of traffic entering the town.
GOOD: The best solution is to reduce the amount of traffic entering the town.

Usage Note:
Lessen is mainly used in connection with pain and feelings: 'I'll give you an injection to lessen the pain.' 'No amount of comforting could lessen Charles' disappointment.'
When you mean 'make something smaller in amount, number, price or size', use reduce : 'The workforce has been reduced by 50 percent.'

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