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lesser /ˈlesə $ -ər/ adjective [only before noun]

کمتر ، کوچکتر ، اصغر ، صغیر
Synonyms: minor, inferior, less important, lower, secondary

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lesser /ˈlesə $ -ər/ adjective [only before noun]

1. formal not as large, as important, or as much as something else Antonym : greater:
They originally asked for $5 million, but finally settled for a lesser sum.
to a lesser extent/degree
This was true in Madrid and, to a lesser extent, Valencia and Seville.lesser mortals at mortal2, ⇒ to a greater or lesser extent at extent(1)

2. the lesser of two evils alsothe lesser evil the less unpleasant or harmful of two unpleasant choices

3. technical used in the names of some types of animal, bird, or plant that are slightly smaller than the main type
—lesser adverb:
the lesser-known artists of the period
one of Glasgow’s lesser used venues

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the smaller of two things, the one with the least amount
We chose the lesser of the two cars when we went to the car rental agency.

I ordered the food and when the two plates arrived I took the lesser of the two.

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