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-let /lət, lɪt/ suffix [in nouns]
let /let/ verb (past tense and past participle let, present participle letting)

به اجاره رفتن ، سرویس خطا ، گذاشتن ، اجازه دادن ، رها کردن ، ول کردن ، اجاره دادن ، اجاره رفتن ، درنگ کردن ، مانع ، انسداد ، اجاره دهی ، قانون ـ فقه: اجاره ، ورزش: ضربه ای که به حساب نیاید و تکرار شود ، سرویس بد
- allow, authorize, entitle, give permission, give the go-ahead, permit, sanction, tolerate
- lease, hire, rent
hindrance, constraint, impediment, interference, obstacle, obstruction, prohibition, restriction
Contrasted words: ban, enjoin, forbid, inhibit, interdict, prohibit, bar, block, hinder, impede, obstruct, circumvent, foil, frustrate, thwart
Related Words: accredit, approve, certify, endorse, sanction, authorize, commission, license, concede, grant
English Thesaurus: allow, let, permit, give somebody permission, give your consent, ...

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-let /lət, lɪt/ suffix [in nouns]
[Language: Old French; Origin: -elet, from -el 'small' (from Latin -ellus) + -et]
a small kind of something:
a booklet
a piglet

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I. let1 S1 W1 /let/ verb (past tense and past participle let, present participle letting)
[Language: Old English; Origin: lætan]

1. ALLOW [transitive not in passive] to allow someone to do something ⇒ permit:
I can’t come out tonight – my dad won’t let me.
let somebody do something
Let Johnny have a go on the computer now.
Some people seem to let their kids do whatever they like.
Let me have a look at that letter.
let somebody have something (=give something to someone)
I can let you have another £10, but no more.
Do not say ‘be let to do something’, because let has no passive form. Use the active form, or use be allowed: They let me leave. | I was allowed to leave.

In written English, people often prefer to use allow somebody to do something rather than let somebody do something, as it is slightly more formal:
We must allow young people to develop independence.

2. NOT STOP SOMETHING HAPPENING [transitive not usually in passive] to not stop something happening, or to make it possible for it to happen
let somebody/something do something
Jenny let the note fall to the ground.
Don’t let anyone know it was me who told you.
Max let the door swing open.
Let the cookies cool down before you try them.
let yourself be beaten/persuaded/fooled etc
I stupidly let myself be persuaded to take part in a live debate.

3. let go
a) to stop holding something or someone:
Let go! You’re hurting me.
let go of
The guard let go of the lead, and the dog lunged forward.
b) to accept that you cannot change something and stop thinking or worrying about it:
Sometimes you just have to learn to let go.

4. let somebody go
a) to allow someone to leave a place where they have been kept Synonym : release:
The police had to let him go through lack of evidence.
The hijackers were persuaded to let some hostages go.
b) to make someone leave their job – used in order to avoid saying this directly:
I’m afraid we had to let several of our staff go.


5. SUGGEST/OFFER [transitive not in passive] used to make a suggestion or to offer help
let’s do something
Let’s make a start, shall we?
Let’s all get together over Christmas.
Let’s not jump to conclusions – he might have been delayed.
let somebody do something
Let me help you with those bags.
Let me give you a piece of advice.
let’s hope (that)
Let’s hope he got your message in time.
don’t let’s do something British English informal:
Don’t let’s argue like this.

6. let’s see (also let me see) used when you are thinking about or trying to remember something:
Today’s date is – let me see, March 20th.
Now, let’s see, where did I put your application form?

7. let me think used to say that you need time to think about or remember something:
What was his name, now? Let me think.

8. let him/her/them etc used to say that you do not care if someone does something they are threatening to do:
‘She says she’s going to sell her story to the newspapers!’ ‘Well, let her!’

9. let’s face it/let’s be honest used to say that someone must accept an unpleasant fact or situation:
Let’s face it, no one’s going to lend us any money.

10. let’s just say (that) used to say that you are not going to give someone all the details about something:
‘So who did it?’ ‘Let’s just say it wasn’t anyone in this family.’

11. let yourself go
a) to relax completely and enjoy yourself:
For goodness sake, Peter, why don’t you just let yourself go for once?
b) to stop looking after yourself properly, for example by not caring about your appearance:
Poor Dad. He’s really let himself go since Mum died.

12. let something go
a) to not punish or criticize someone for something they have done wrong:
OK, I’ll let it go this time.
b) to stop worrying or thinking too much about something:
It’s time to let the past go.
c) informal to sell something for a particular amount
let something go for £20/$200 etc
I couldn’t let it go for less than £300.

13. WISH [transitive not in passive] used to say that you wish or hope that something happens, or does not happen
(not) let somebody/something do something
Don’t let him be the one who died, she prayed.

14. let alone used after a negative statement to say that the next thing you mention is even more unlikely:
The baby can’t even sit up yet, let alone walk!

15. let something drop/rest/lie to stop talking about or trying to deal with something:
It seems the press are not going to let the matter rest.

16. let slip to accidentally tell someone something that should have been kept secret
let slip that
Liz let slip that she’d seen him quite recently.

17. RENT [transitive] especially British English to charge someone an amount of money for the use of a room or building Synonym : leasehire, rent:
Interhome has over 20,000 houses to let across Europe.
let something to somebody
I’ve let my spare room to a student.
let somebody something
Would you consider letting me the garage for a few months?
let something out to somebody
We let the smaller studios out to local artists.
To Let written (=written on a sign outside a building to show that it is available for renting)

18. MATHEMATICS let something be/equal/represent something technical used in mathematics to mean that you give something a particular measurement or value in order to make a calculation:
Let angle A equal the sum of the two opposite sides.

19. let yourself in for something informal to do something that will cause you a lot of trouble:
I don’t think Carol realizes what she’s letting herself in for.

20. never let a day/week/year etc go by without doing something used to say that someone does a particular thing very regularly:
They never seem to let a year go by without introducing a new version of their software.

21. let the good times roll informal used to say that it is time for people to start having fun

22. let somebody have it informal to attack someone
let fly (something) at fly1(17), ⇒ let it all hang out at hang out(3), ⇒ live and let live at live1(21), ⇒ let it/her rip at rip1(5), ⇒ let rip at rip1(4)

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II. let2 noun

1. [countable] British English an arrangement in which a house or flat is rented to someone:
An agency is managing the let.
a long-term let

2. without let or hindrance law happening freely without being prevented in any way

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BAD: You can travel by train or let a car.
GOOD: You can travel by train or rent/hire a car.

Usage Note:
let = allow someone to live in your house, flat etc in return for money: 'During the holiday season we let the cottage to tourists.'
See note at HIRE (hire)

BAD: Do you think your parents will let you go to England?
GOOD: Do you think your parents will let you go to England?

Usage Note:
let sb do sth (WITHOUT to ): 'Why wouldn't Alice let you help her?'
Compare: 'Do you think your parents will allow you to go to England?'

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See: live and let live

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