let down
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پایین کردن ، پایین انداختن ، (مج). روی کسی را زمین انداختن ، مایوس کردن
let down
Synonyms: disappoint, disenchant, disillusion, dissatisfy, fail, fall short, leave in the lurch, leave stranded

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let somebody/something ↔ down phrasal verb (see also let)

1. to not do something that someone trusts or expects you to do:
She had been let down badly in the past.
The worst feeling is having let our fans down.
let the side down British English (=disappoint a group of people that you belong to)

2. to make someone or something less successful or effective:
McKenzie’s judgement rarely lets him down.

3. to move something or someone to a lower position:
Let down a rope so that I can climb up.
Carefully, she let herself down into the water.

4. let your hair down informal to relax and enjoy yourself, especially after working hard:
Visitors young and old let their hair down and enjoyed the show.

5. let your guard/defences down to relax and stop worrying about what might happen or what someone might find out about you:
Maggie never really lets her guard down, does she?

6. let somebody down lightly/gently to give someone bad news in a way that will not upset them too much:
I get asked out on dates quite often, but I always try to let the guy down gently.

7. British English to allow the air to escape from something so that it loses its shape and becomes flat:
Someone’s let my tyres down!

8. to make a piece of clothing longer by unfolding a folded edge Antonym : take up

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let down
let (someone) down
to disappoint someone, usually by not doing something.
I know it's silly, but I feel like everyone lets me down when I really need help.

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let down
fail to do as well as expected, disappoint someone
He let his parents down when he failed the university entrance exams.

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let down
v. phr.
1. To allow to descend; lower.
Harry let the chain saw down on a rope and then climbed down himself.
2. To relax; stop trying so hard; take it easy.
The horse let down near the end of the race and lost.
The team let down in the fourth quarter because they were far ahead.
Compare: LET GO.
3. To fail to do as well as (someone) expected; disappoint.
The team felt they had let the coach down.

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