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lightly /ˈlaɪtli/ adverb

به سبکی ، اهسته ، تند ، از روی بی علاقگی ، با خونسردی
- gently, delicately, faintly, slightly, softly
- moderately, sparingly, sparsely, thinly
- easily, effortlessly, readily, simply
- carelessly, breezily, flippantly, frivolously, heedlessly, thoughtlessly

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lightly /ˈlaɪtli/ adverb
[Word Family: noun: light, lighter, lighting, lightness; adjective: light, lighted, unlit; verb: light, lighten; adverb: lightly, light]

1. with only a small amount of weight or force Synonym : gently:
I knocked lightly on the door.

2. using or having only a small amount of something:
a lightly greased pan
lightly armed soldiers

3. take/treat/approach something lightly to do something without serious thought:
Divorce is not a matter you can afford to take lightly.

4. get off lightly (also be let off lightly) to be punished in a way that is less severe than you deserve:
He got off lightly because his father was a lawyer.

5. without worrying, or without appearing to be worried:
‘Things will be fine,’ he said lightly.

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