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likely /ˈlaɪkli/ adjective (comparative likelier, superlative likeliest)
likely adverb

راستنما ، محتمل ، باور کردنی ، احتمالی
- inclined, apt, disposed, liable, prone, tending
- probable, anticipated, expected, odds-on, on the cards, to be expected
- plausible, believable, credible, feasible, possible, reasonable
- promising, hopeful, up-and-coming
Antonyms: unlikely
Contrasted words: problematic, certain, inevitable, necessary
English Thesaurus: probably, likely, it looks as if/it looks like, may/could/might well, I would/should think, ...

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I. likely1 S1 W1 /ˈlaɪkli/ adjective (comparative likelier, superlative likeliest)
[Word Family: noun: likelihood; adverb: likely; adjective: likelyunlikely]
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: Old Norse; Origin: glikligr, from glikr 'like']

1. something that is likely will probably happen or is probably true Antonym : unlikely:
Snow showers are likely tomorrow.
likely outcome/effects/consequences etc
What are the likely effects of the law going to be?
the most likely cause of the problem
likely to do/be something
Children who live in the country’s rural areas are very likely to be poor.
more/less/most/least likely
Young drivers are far more likely to have accidents than older drivers.
It is more than likely (=almost certain) the votes will have to be counted again.
It could have been an accident, but that was hardly likely (=not very likely).
He could offer no likely explanation when I asked him.

2. [only before noun] suitable for a particular purpose:
the three most likely candidates for president
One likely source of energy is wind power.

3. a likely story spoken used to tell someone you do not believe what they have just said

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II. likely2 adverb
[Word Family: noun: likelihood; adverb: likely; adjective: likelyunlikely]

1. probably
most/very likely
I’d very likely have done the same thing in your situation.
(as) likely as not spoken (=very probably)
As likely as not, the meeting will take place in the village pub.

2. not likely! spoken especially British English used to disagree strongly, or to say that something will not happen:
‘He said you’d be giving them a lift.’ ‘Not likely!’

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VERBS appear, be, look, seem
ADV. extremely, highly, very It is highly likely that the factory will have to close.
hardly They're hardly likely to get home before ten.

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very/highly/extremely likely
It did not seem very likely that he was still alive.
more/most likely
At this age, boys were more likely than girls to be active in sports.
quite likely British English (=very likely)
As parents, if we expect bad behaviour we are quite likely to get it.
less/least likely
The smallest puppies are the least likely to survive.
hardly likely (=not very likely)
It seems hardly likely that she would tell her husband about it.
more than likely (=very likely)
She'll be late, more than likely.
increasingly likely
The project looked increasingly likely to fail.
seem/appear/look likely
Which candidate seems likely to win?
a likely explanation
What is the most likely explanation for the way she acted?
a likely result/outcome
the most likely outcome of the election
a likely effect/consequence
Consider the options open to you, and their likely consequences.
the likely impact (=the likely effect or influence of something)
What is the likely impact of the new factory on the local environment?
a likely cause/reason
the likely cause of the accident

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