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listen /ˈlɪsən/ verb [intransitive]

شنیدن ، گوش دادن ، پذیرفتن ، استماع کردن ، پیروی کردن از ، استماع
- hear, attend, lend an ear, prick up one's ears
- pay attention, heed, mind, obey, observe, take notice
Related Idioms: give a hearing to, give ear to, hang upon the lips (or words) of, keep one's ears open, lend one's (or an) ear, prick up one's ears, strain one's ears
English Thesaurus: hear, listen, make out, overhear, catch, ...

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I. listen1 S1 W1 /ˈlɪsən/ verb [intransitive]
[Language: Old English; Origin: hlysnan]

1. to pay attention to what someone is saying or to a sound that you can hear:
Listen! There’s a strange noise in the engine.
listen to
We sat around listening to music.
listen carefully/intently/hard etc
The whole class was listening attentively.
Liz stood still and listened hard (=very carefully).
Listen is never followed directly by a noun. Use to and then a noun or a clause: Listen to what I say (NOT Listen what I say).

2. spoken used to tell someone to pay attention to what you are going to say:
Listen, I want you to come with me.

3. to consider what someone says and accept their advice:
I told him not to go, but he just wouldn’t listen.
listen to
I wish I’d listened to Dad.
She refused to listen to reason (=accept sensible advice).

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II. listen2 noun
a listen British English informal an act of listening:
Have a listen to this new album!

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ADV. attentively, carefully, closely, hard, intently Now, listen very carefully to what she says.
half Lucy was only half listening to their conversation.
patiently, politely, sympathetically We listened politely to his stories.
avidly, eagerly, with interest The guests were listening with great interest.
gravely, impassively Pym listened impassively until the woman had finished.
in silence, quietly They listened to the announcement in silence.
anxiously | in awe
VERB + LISTEN (not) want to, will/would (not) Nobody will listen to me! I tried to warn her, but she wouldn't listen.
be prepared to, be willing to | refuse to He refused to listen to her explanation.
PREP. for We listened anxiously for the sound of footsteps.
to listening to the radio
PHRASES listen with half an ear I listened with half an ear to the conversation at the next table.

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BAD: My mother never listens what I say.
GOOD: My mother never listens to what I say.
BAD: He invited me to listen his new CD.
GOOD: He invited me to listen to his new CD.

Usage Note:
listen to sb/sth : 'You are listening to the BBC World Service.'

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