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LOT /lɒt $ lɑːt/
lot /lɒt $ lɑːt/ pronoun, adverb

دسته، گروه، مقدار یا تعداد زیاد، نوبه مهمات، بخشش، بسی، بسیار، چندین، قواره، تکه، بهره، قسمت، سرنوشت، پارچه، توده انبوه، قرعه، محوطه، قطعه زمین، جنس عرضه شده برای فروش، کالا، بقطعات تقسیم کردن (با) out، تقسیم بندی کردن، جورکردن، بخش کردن، سهم بندی کردن، علوم مهندسی: سری، قانون فقه: قرعه، بازرگانی: انبوه، علوم نظامی: بخش بهره
ارسال ایمیل
مهندسی صنایع: انباشته، موجودیمهندسی صنایع: تولید: انباشته - موجودی

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- collection, assortment, batch, bunch (informal), consignment, crowd, group, quantity, set
- destiny, accident, chance, doom, fate, fortune
- a lot or lots: plenty, abundance, a great deal, heap(s), load(s) (informal), masses (informal), piles (informal), scores, stack(s)
Related Words: decree, fortune, foreordination, predestination, predetermination, clearing, field, patch, part, plottage, block, frontage, real estate, aggregate, aggregation, conglomerate, conglomeration
English Thesaurus: many, a lot, dozens/hundreds/thousands/millions, a large number of, numerous, ...

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LOT /lɒt $ lɑːt/ trademark
a Polish airline

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I. lot1 S1 W1 /lɒt $ lɑːt/ pronoun, adverb

1. a lot (also lots informal) a large amount or number:
We’ve spent a lot on the children’s education.
‘How many CDs have you got?’ ‘Lots.’
a lot of
They paid a lot of money for that house.
I eat a lot of vegetables.
There were lots of people at the party.
an awful lot (also a whole lot informal) (=a very large amount or number)
He spends an awful lot of time on the computer.
a lot to do/learn/say etc
I still have a lot to learn.
It’s a great city, with lots to see and do.
Use a singular verb if you are using a lot of or lots of before an uncountable noun, and a plural verb if you are using it before a plural noun:
A lot of money was spent on it.
A lot of people were killed.
Do not say 'lot of' or 'a lots of'.
Do not use a lot of with 'years’ or 'days’. Say many years/days or a long time.

A lot is fairly informal and lots is informal. In written English, use many followed by a plural noun, or a large amount followed by an uncountable noun:
This was unpopular for a lot of reasons. ➔ This was unpopular for many reasons.
| They spent a lot of money. ➔ They spent a large amount of money.

2. a lot (also lots informal) if someone or something is a lot better, faster, easier etc, they are much better, faster etc Synonym : much:
My headache’s lots better, thanks.
She has a lot more contact with clients these days.
You’ll get there a lot quicker if you take the motorway.
The house is a lot tidier now Chris has left home.

3. a lot used to say that something happens to a great degree or often:
Things have changed a lot since I was a child.
Paul travels a lot on business.
I’ve been worrying a lot about my health.
She likes you a lot.

4. have a lot on your plate informal to have a large number of problems to deal with or a large amount of work to do

5. have a lot on your mind to have a lot of problems that you are worried about:
‘You’re quiet today.’ ‘I’ve got a lot on my mind.’

6. have a lot on British English to be very busy, with a large number of things to do in a short time:
I can’t help you now – I’ve got rather a lot on.
thanks a lot at thanks1(1), ⇒ a fat lot of good/use at fat1(5), ⇒ have a lot to answer for at ANSWER FOR(2)

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II. lot2 S2 noun
[Language: Old English; Origin: hlot 'object used for making a choice by chance']

1. GROUP OF PEOPLE/THINGS [countable] a group of people or things considered together:
Could you help me carry this lot upstairs?
lot of
The last lot of people offered £70,000.
I did three lots of exams last summer.
Come on, you lot, hurry up!
His friends are a strange lot.

2. the lot especially British English the whole of an amount or number of things, people etc:
We’ll do everything – cooking, washing, ironing – the lot.
I can’t believe you ate the whole lot.
I think that’s the lot (=everything is included).
the lot of you/them/us (=all of you, them, or us)
Shut up, the lot of you!

3. SB’S SITUATION [singular] your lot is your work, duties, social position etc, especially when they could be better:
She seems happy enough with her lot.
The unions have always tried to improve the lot of their members.

4. LAND [countable] especially American English an area of land used for building on or for another purpose:
the vacant lot (=empty land) behind the Commercial Hotel
a used-car lotparking lot

5. FILM [countable] a building and the land surrounding it where films are made Synonym : studio:
the Universal Studios lot

6. THING TO BE SOLD [countable] something, or a group of things, that is sold at an auction:
Lot 54 is a Victorian lamp.

a) by lot if someone is chosen by lot, several people each take a piece of paper or an object from a container, and the person who is chosen is the one who gets a particular marked paper or object:
In Athens at that time, judges were chosen by lot.
b) draw/cast lots to choose something or someone by lot:
We drew lots to decide who should go first.

8. throw in/cast your lot with somebody/something to join or support someone or something, and accept that what happens to them will affect what happens to you:
In 1915 Italy threw in her lot with the Allies.
bad lot at bad1(21), ⇒ a job lot at job(17)

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I. whole amount
ADJ. whole She bought the whole lot.

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II. large amount
ADJ. awful I've got an awful lot of work to do before I go on holiday.
PHRASES a hell of a lot a hell of a lot of money

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III. empty ground
ADJ. empty, vacant He parked his caravan on a vacant lot.

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See LOT (lot)/LOTS

BAD: My husband and I met each other a lot of years ago.
GOOD: My husband and I met each other many years ago.
BAD: The problem is that for a lot of years smoking was not considered to be anti-social.
GOOD: The problem is that for many years smoking was not considered to be anti-social.

Usage Note:
many + weeks/months/years (NOT a lot of ): 'Many years have passed since we were at school together.'
Compare: 'During the summer we spend a lot of time in the garden.'

BAD: There is a lot of countries in the same situation.
GOOD: There are a lot of countries in the same situation.

Usage Note:
See note at THERE 2 (there)

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