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lover /ˈlʌvə $ -ər/ noun [countable]

عاشق ، دوستدار ، فاسق ، خاطرخواه
Synonyms: sweetheart, admirer, beloved, boyfriend or girlfriend, flame (informal), mistress, suitor
Related Words: cavalier servente, sugar daddy
English Thesaurus: boyfriend, partner, fiancé, lover, ex, ...

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lover W3 /ˈlʌvə $ -ər/ noun [countable]
[Word Family: adjective: lovableUNLOVABLE, loveless, lovely, loving, unloved; noun: love, lover, loveliness., lovey; verb: love; adverb: lovingly]

1. someone’s lover is the person they are having a sexual relationship with but who they are not married to ⇒ mistress:
He killed his wife’s lover.
Nicola and I were lovers.
a pair of young lovers

2. someone who likes something very much:
music lovers
animal lovers
lover of
lovers of the outdoors

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ADJ. good, great, passionate | jilted, rejected She was shot by her jilted lover.
unfaithful | long-time They're colleagues as well as being long-time lovers.
live-in | secret
VERB + LOVER be, become They became lovers when her husband first went abroad.
have, take It was common for upper-class women to take lovers.

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