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lower /ˈləʊə $ ˈloʊər/ adjective
lower verb
lower (also lour) /ˈlaʊə $ -ər/ verb [intransitive]

ضعیف کردن ، پایین اوردن لوله
(adj.vt.&vi.) پایین اوردن ، تخفیف دادن ، کاستن از ، تنزل دادن ، فروکش کردن ، خفیف کردن ، پست تر ، پایین تر
(n.vt.&vi.) اخم ، عبوس ، ترشرویی ، هوای گرفته وابری ، اخم کردن ، علوم نظامی: پایین دادن لوله
مهندسی صنایع: پایینی ، تحتانی

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- minor, inferior, junior, lesser, secondary, second-class, smaller, subordinate
- reduced, curtailed, decreased, diminished, lessened
- drop, depress, fall, let down, sink, submerge, take down
- lessen, cut, decrease, diminish, minimize, prune, reduce, slash
Antonyms: higher, rise, raise, elevate
Contrasted words: raise, elevate, hoist, lift, pull up
Related Words: peer, stare, intimidate, menace, threaten, demote, de-escalate, deflate, detrude, submerge, debase, reduce
English Thesaurus: reduce, cut, lower, bring something down, slash, ...

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I. lower1 W3 /ˈləʊə $ ˈloʊər/ adjective
[Word Family: adjective: low, lower, lowly; verb: lower; noun: low; adverb: low]

1. [only before noun] below something else, especially below something of the same type Antonym : upper:
Nina chewed her lower lip anxiously.
Ruth went down to the lower deck (=lower level on a ship).
your lower limbs (=your legs)

2. [only before noun] at or near the bottom of something Antonym : upper:
the lower slopes of the mountain
She suffers with pain in her lower back.

3. smaller in number or amount Antonym : higher:
Temperatures will be lower over the weekend.

4. [only before noun] less important than something else of the same type Antonym : higher:
the lower levels of management

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II. lower2 S3 W3 verb

1. REDUCE [intransitive and transitive] to reduce something in amount, degree, strength etc, or to become less:
Do you think we should lower the price?
After 20 minutes lower the temperature to 325°.
drugs to lower blood pressure
Helen lowered her voice (=made it quieter) as they approached.
His voice lowered (=became quieter).

In everyday English, people usually say that someone turns down the temperature or volume rather than lowers it:
Can you turn the heating down?

2. MOVE DOWN [transitive] to move something down from higher up Antonym : raise:
Very gently, he lowered the dog onto the rug by the fire.
The flags were lowered to half-mast.
Greg watched as the coffin was lowered.
lower yourself
He lowered himself carefully down from the top of the wall.

3. lower your eyes/head to look down Antonym : raise:
Christina blushed and lowered her eyes.

4. lower yourself [usually in negatives] to behave in a way that makes people respect you less:
I wouldn’t lower myself to speak to her after what she’s done.

5. lower the tone (of something) to make something not as nice as it was:
They thought an influx of students would lower the tone of the neighborhood.
Trust you to lower the tone of the conversation (=include rude jokes etc in what you say)!
—lowered adjective:
He leaned forward and spoke in a lowered voice.

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III. lower3 (also lour British English) /ˈlaʊə $ -ər/ verb [intransitive] literary

1. when the sky or the weather lowers, it becomes dark because there is going to be a storm Synonym : darken:
lowering clouds

2. to look threatening or annoyed Synonym : frown:
The other driver lowered at us as we passed him.

[TahlilGaran] Dictionary of Contemporary English

ADV. carefully, gently | slowly | hastily, quickly Christina blushed and hastily lowered her eyes.
PREP. into She lowered herself into the driver's seat.
onto He carefully lowered the sleeping child onto the bed.
to She lowered herself down to the floor.

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