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magic /ˈmædʒɪk/ noun [uncountable]

جادوگری ، جادو ، سحر امیز ، روانشناسی: جادو
- sorcery, black art, enchantment, necromancy, witchcraft, wizardry
- conjuring, illusion, legerdemain, prestidigitation, sleight of hand, trickery
- charm, allurement, enchantment, fascination, glamour, magnetism, power
- miraculous, bewitching, charming, enchanting, entrancing, fascinating, marvellous, spellbinding
Related Idioms: sleight of hand
Related Words: abracadabra, alchemy, augury, charm, divining, exorcism, fortune-telling, mumbo jumbo, occultism, soothsaying, sortilege, voodooism, devilry, deviltry, diablerie, diabolism, satanism, wicca, extraordinary, marvelous, prodigious, remarkable, stupendous, unbelievable, unprecedented
English Thesaurus: magic, witchcraft, spell, curse, the occult, ...

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I. magic1 W3 /ˈmædʒɪk/ noun [uncountable]
[Word Family: noun: magic, magician; adjective: magic, magical; adverb: magically]
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: French; Origin: magique, from Latin magice, from Greek magike, from magos 'person with magic powers']

1. the power to make impossible things happen by saying special words or doing special actions:
Do you believe in magic?black magic, white magic

2. a special, attractive, or exciting quality:
Paris has lost some of its magic for me over the years.
magic of
the magic of Christmas

3. the skill of doing tricks that look like magic in order to entertain people, or the tricks that are done Synonym : conjuring

4. like magic/as if by magic in a surprising way that seems impossible to explain:
As if by magic the waiter suddenly appeared with a tray of drinks.

5. work/weave your magic if something or someone works or weaves their magic, they produce a good change or effect in a way that they are often able to do:
The warm weather and the beautiful scenery began to work their magic and she started to relax.

6. work like magic to be very effective

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II. magic2 adjective
[Word Family: noun: magic, magician; adjective: magic, magical; adverb: magically]

1. [only before noun] in stories, a magic word or object has special powers that make the person using it able to do impossible things:
a book of magic spells
a magic sword

2. relating to the skill of doing tricks to entertain people:
His best magic trick is sawing a lady in half.

3. magic number/word a number or word that is particularly important or desired in a particular situation:
The magic words ‘a million pounds’ will get everyone’s attention.

4. the magic word the word ‘please’ – used when speaking to children:
What’s the magic word then, Katie?

5. magic touch a special ability to make things work well or to make people happy:
She’s got a magic touch with babies.

6. magic moment a short time which seems beautiful and special:
She didn’t want to spoil this magic moment.

7. magic circle a group of powerful people who are friendly with each other and help each other:
His outspokenness denied him access to the magic circle and he was never given high office.

8. British English spoken very good or very enjoyable Synonym : great:
‘Did you have a good time?’ ‘Yeah, it was magic!’

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III. magic3 verb (past tense and past participle magicked, present participle magicking) British English
magic somebody/something away phrasal verb
to make someone or something disappear or go somewhere by using magic:
I wish I could magic us away to a warm beach.
magic something ↔ up phrasal verb
to make something appear suddenly and unexpectedly

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I. secret power
ADJ. black
VERB + MAGIC do, practise He earns extra money doing magic at children's parties. People found guilty of practising black magic were hanged.
believe in I don't believe in magic.
MAGIC + VERB work The magic slowly begins to work, and the princess starts to come to life again.
PREP. by ~ The rabbit disappeared by magic.
PHRASES as if by magic The money had reappeared as if by magic.

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II. special quality
ADJ. absolute, pure, sheer The show is three hours of pure magic.
QUANT. touch The fireworks brought a touch of magic to the occasion.
VERB + MAGIC work A hot bath and a good night's sleep worked their usual magic.

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do magic
In the story, the children are not allowed to do magic out of school.
work magic (=do magic)
What do you expect me to do? I can’t work magic!
use magic
By using magic, he can order the ghost of any dead person to be his servant.
black magic (=intended to harm people)
The candles had been used for black magic.
ancient magic
The place seemed full of shadows and ancient magic.
strong/powerful magic
Her fingers moved to make the sign that protected against strong magic.

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