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market /ˈmɑːkət, ˈmɑːkɪt $ ˈmɑːr-/ noun
market verb [transitive]

محل داد وستد ، مرکز تجارت ، فروختن ، در بازار داد وستد کردن ، درمعرض فروش قرار دادن ، به بازار عرضه کردن ، معماری: بازار ، قانون ـ فقه: فروختن ، بازرگانی: فروختن ، بازار
مهندسی صنایع: بازار ، محل فروختن

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- fair, bazaar, mart
- sell, retail, vend
Related Words: wholesale
English Thesaurus: advertise, promote, market, publicize, hype, ...

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I. market1 S1 W1 /ˈmɑːkət, ˈmɑːkɪt $ ˈmɑːr-/ noun
[Word Family: noun: market, marketing, marketeer., marketer; verb: market; adjective: marketable]
[Date: 1100-1200; Language: Old North French; Origin: Latin mercatus 'buying and selling, marketplace', from mercari 'to buy and sell', from merx 'things to sell']

1. PLACE TO BUY THINGS [countable]
a) a time when people buy and sell goods, food etc, or the place, usually outside or in a large building, where this happens:
I usually buy all my vegetables at the market.
fish/fruit and vegetable/flower etc market
There’s a good antiques market here on Sundays.
street market (=with a lot of different people selling things from tables, stalls etc in the street)
b) American English a shop that sells food and things for the home Synonym : grocery store

2. the market
a) the stock market:
Most analysts are forecasting a further downturn in the market.
As soon as she graduated from college, she started to play the market (=risk money on the stock market).
The markets (=all the stock markets in the world) are better prepared for a weakening economy than they were ten years ago.
b) the total amount of trade in a particular kind of goods:
Honda is trying to increase its market share.
the state of the art market
the housing/property etc market
Investors in the property market are worried about rising inflation.
the market in
the world market in aluminumbear market, bull market
c) the system in which all prices and wages depend on what goods people want to buy, how many they buy etc:
The president believes prices should be determined by the market, not the market

3. on the market available for people to buy:
The manufacturers say the device will be on the market by May.
Handguns are freely available on the open market (=for anyone to buy).
They knew it wasn’t a good time to sell their house, but they still put it on the market (=offered it for sale).
a revolutionary new drug that has just come onto the market
Do not say ‘in the market’. Say on the market.

4. COUNTRY/AREA [countable] a particular country or area where a company sells its goods or where a particular type of goods is sold:
Our main overseas market is Japan.
international/home/UK etc market
The domestic market makes up about 75% of their sales.
market for
The world’s largest market for illegal drugs is the US.

5. PEOPLE WHO BUY [singular] the number of people who want to buy something, or the type of people who want to buy it
market for
The market for specialist academic books is pretty small.
Is there a market for his invention?
niche/specialist market

6. be in the market for something to be interested in buying something:
This is a bad time to be in the market for a new car.

7. the job/labour market the people looking for work, and the number of jobs that are available:
The job market has been badly hit by the recession.

8. a buyer’s/seller’s market a time that is better for buyers because prices are low, or better for sellers because prices are high:
I’ll look for a house next year when it’s more of a buyer’s market.
corner the market at corner2(3), ⇒ price yourself out of the market at price2(4)

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II. market2 verb [transitive]
[Word Family: noun: market, marketing, marketeer., marketer; verb: market; adjective: marketable]

1. to try to persuade people to buy a product by advertising it in a particular way, using attractive packages etc:
If you could ever figure out how to market this you’d make a fortune.
market something for somebody
They plan to market the toy for children aged 2 to 6.
market something as something
Electric cars are being marketed as safe for the environment.

2. to make a product available in shops:
The turkeys are marketed ready-to-cook.

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I. place where people go to buy and sell things
ADJ. open-air, outdoor, street | covered, indoor | antiques, cattle, fruit and vegetable, etc. | flea (= that sells old or used goods at low prices)
VERB + MARKET hold The market is held on Wednesdays.
go to | take sth to They took the pigs to market.
MARKET + NOUN square | town | day
PREP. at/in a/the ~ to buy some fish at the market

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II. business/trade
ADJ. competitive | active, booming, bullish, lively, strong, thriving | bull (finance), rising | depressed, dull, sluggish, weak | bear (finance), falling | steady | buyer's, seller's | foreign, global, international, overseas, world | domestic, home, internal, local | single the completion of the European single market in 1992
common | economic | free | open | black (= illegal) | bond, capital, commodity, consumer, currency, export, financial, foreign exchange, futures, housing, money, product, property, securities, stock | car, computer, etc. | job, labour
VERB + MARKET put sth on | come on/onto A new model has come on the market.
develop | break into, get into, penetrate They're hoping to get into the Far Eastern market.
capture, corner, monopolize | supply | flood flooding the market with cheap foreign goods
lose | depress | play an investor who knows how to play the market?and win
MARKET + VERB open up The Chinese market has opened up recently.
boom | pick up, rally | slump | be down, be up The market was down 15 per cent.
close The market closed weaker.
MARKET + NOUN price, value | conditions | leader | position, share | sector | trends
PREP. in/into a/the ~ changes in the UK market
on the ~ one of the best car deals on the market
~ in a thriving market in second-hand cars
PHRASES be in the market for sth (= be interested in buying sth), the bottom's dropped/fallen out of the market (= the market has collapsed), a gap in the market, the bottom/lower/top/upper end of the market

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III. people who want to buy sth
ADJ. big, good, huge, large | poor, small | expanding, growing | shrinking | ready | niche
VERB + MARKET create The company has created a niche market for itself.
MARKET + VERB expand, grow | shrink | collapse | bear sth We will charge whatever the market will bear (= as much as people can be persuaded to pay).
MARKET + NOUN segment | niche | research
PREP. ~ for the market for new cars

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IV. the free market
VERB + MARKET leave sth to Some services cannot be left to the market.
MARKET + NOUN forces | economy

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ADV. heavily | effectively, successfully | cleverly | aggressively | actively | selectively The printer is being selectively marketed in a handful of countries.
PREP. as It will be marketed as a tonic for the elderly.
through The product is being marketed through the existing sales force.
to The company is not actively marketing its products to schools.

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BAD: The magazine gives a list of all the computers in the market.
GOOD: The magazine gives a list of all the computers on the market.

Usage Note:
on the market (NOT in ) = available in shops for people to buy; for sale: 'It's not the cheapest machine on the market, but it's certainly the best.'

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See: flea market , in the market for , on the market , play the market

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