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married /ˈmærid/ adjective

شوهر دار ، شوهردار ، عروسی کرده ، متاهل ، پیوسته ، متحد ، قانون ـ فقه: متاهل ، محصنه
Synonyms: matrimonial, conjugal, connubial, hymeneal, marital, nuptial, spousal, wedded
English Thesaurus: married, single, engaged, live together, separated, ...

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married S2 W2 /ˈmærid/ adjective
[Word Family: verb: marry, remarry; noun: marriage, remarriage; adjective: marriedunmarried, marriageable]

1. having a husband or a wife:
Are you married or single?
They’ve been married for eight years.
Married men earn 70 percent more than single men.
married to
Nicole is married to my brother.
We’re getting married (=marrying) next month.
married couple/man/woman
a happily married man
When she first came to London, she was newly married and out of work.
So, how do you like married life?
Do not say ‘be married with’ someone or ‘get married with’ someone. Say be married to someone or get married to someone.

2. be married to something to give most of your time and attention to a job or activity:
I was married to my job.

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VERBS be, feel I wouldn't have felt properly married if it hadn't been a church wedding.
get When did you get married?
ADV. newly, recently The newly married couple left for their honeymoon in Spain.
previously | happily | unhappily | lawfully, legally | properly, safely, truly
PREP. to She's married to an actor.

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be married
She’s married now, and living in London.
get married (=to have a wedding)
Did you know that they are going to get married?
stay married
I cannot stay married to a man I do not love.
be married with children (=to be married and have children)
Kevin is married with four children.
happily married (=in a happy relationship with your husband or wife)
I have been happily married for nine years.
unhappily married (=not in a happy relationship with your husband or wife)
They were behaving like an unhappily married old couple.
newly/recently married (=married not long ago)
The newly married couple arrived at their hotel.
a married man/woman
By 1957 a third of married women were working.
a married couple
Most of their friends are married couples.
married life
Throughout her married life, her husband’s interests had come first.
sb’s married name (=a woman’s last name, when she has changed it to her husband’s name)
She gave them Pat’s married name and address.
married quarters (=where soldiers live with their wives)
Can a soldier’s wife continue to live in married quarters if her husband leaves her?

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BAD: She is married with a post office worker.
GOOD: She is married to a post office worker.

Usage Note:
be/get married to sb (NOT with ): 'How long has she been married to him?'

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