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mate /meɪt/ noun

کمک ناخدا ، معاون کشتی ، لنگه ، همسر ، کمک ، رفیق ، همدم ، شاگرد ، شاه مات کردن ، جفت گیری یا عمل جنسی کردن ، بازرگانی: معاون ناخدا ، ورزش: مات ، علوم هوایی: جفت کردن دو قطعه یک سیستم با هم
- partner, husband or wife, spouse
- friend, buddy (informal), chum (informal), comrade, crony, pal (informal)
- colleague, associate, companion
- assistant, helper, subordinate
- pair, breed, couple
Related Words: bedmate, classmate, co-mate, helpmate, playmate, roommate, schoolmate, teammate, match, parti, alter ego, complement, sosie, compeer, equal, equivalent, peer, breed, crossbreed, pair, generate, procreate
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I. mate1 S2 /meɪt/ noun
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: Middle Low German; Origin: mat]

1. SOMEBODY YOU DO SOMETHING WITH [countable] someone you work with, do an activity with, or share something with
class/team/work etc mate
Dad’s office mates are throwing a party for him.
house/flat/room mate (=someone you share a house, room etc with)

2. FRIEND [countable] British English informal
a) a friend:
I’m going out with my mates tonight.
good/best mate
He’s good mates with John.
Most of my school mates are black.
b) used as a friendly way to address a man:
What’s the time, mate?

3. ANIMAL [countable] the sexual partner of an animal

4. HUSBAND/WIFE [countable] American English a husband or wife – used especially in magazines Synonym : partner:
How do women choose their mates?

5. SAILOR [countable] a ship’s officer who is one rank below the captain

6. NAVY OFFICER [countable] a US Navy petty officer

7. builder’s/plumber’s/electrician’s etc mate British English someone who works with and helps a skilled worker

8. GAME [uncountable] checkmate in the game of chess

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II. mate2 verb
[Sense 1-2: Date: 1500-1600; Origin: mate1]
[Sense 3: Date: 1200-1300; Language: Old French; Origin: mater, from mat 'checkmate', from Arabic]

1. [intransitive] if animals mate, they have sex to produce babies
mate with
It’s quite common for male birds to mate with several females.

2. [transitive] to put animals together so that they will have sex and produce babies:
Rabbits can be mated as early as six months old.

3. [transitive] to achieve the checkmate of your opponent in chess

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I. friend
ADJ. best, good They've been good mates ever since they were at school together.
VERB + MATE have He's got loads of mates at school.

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II. sexual partner
VERB + MATE attract, choose, find These birds have colourful feathers to attract a mate.

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