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meaning /ˈmiːnɪŋ/ noun

مصداق ، ارش ، معنی ، مفاد ، مفهوم ، فحوا ، مقصود ، منظور ، علوم مهندسی: معنی دار ، قانون ـ فقه: مقصود ، روانشناسی: معنا
Synonyms: sense, connotation, drift, gist, message, significance, substance
Related Words: drift, effect, essence, tenor, force, point, value, hint, implication, intimation, suggestion, connotation, definition, denotation
English Thesaurus: meaning, the gist, the drift/your drift, the essence, the thrust, ...

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meaning S2 W1 /ˈmiːnɪŋ/ noun
[Word Family: adjective: meaningful, meaningless; verb: mean; noun: meaning; adverb: meaningfully]

1. OF A WORD/SIGN ETC [uncountable and countable] the thing or idea that a word, expression, or sign represents
meaning of
I don’t know the precise meaning of the word ‘gleaned’.

2. IDEAS IN SPEECH/BOOK ETC [uncountable and countable] the thoughts or ideas that someone wants you to understand from what they say, do, write etc
meaning of
The meaning of her words was clear. We’d lost our jobs.
meaning behind
She hardly dared to understand the meaning behind his statement.

3. what’s the meaning of this? spoken used to demand an explanation:
What’s the meaning of this? I asked you to be here an hour ago!

4. PURPOSE/SPECIAL QUALITY [uncountable] the quality that makes life, work etc seem to have a purpose or value:
Life seemed to have lost its meaning since Janet’s death.
Her studies no longer seemed to have any meaning.
For many people it is religion that gives meaning to their existence.

5. TRUE NATURE [uncountable] the true nature and importance of something
meaning of
We seem to have forgotten the true meaning of Christmas.

6. (not) know the meaning of something to have, or not have, experience and understanding of a particular situation or feeling:
Living in a war zone, the children knew the meaning of fear.
Guilty! She doesn’t know the meaning of the word!

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I. what sth means
ADJ. clear, exact, precise The context makes the meaning clear. What is the exact meaning of this phrase?
correct, true | original | double, hidden There's often a double meaning in jokes and riddles. I'm sure there's no hidden meaning in what he says.
figurative, metaphorical, symbolic | literal
VERB + MEANING get, grasp, understand I can't grasp the meaning of this quotation.
decipher, interpret, work out Historians are trying to decipher the meaning of the documents.
assign, attribute She assigns a meaning to his words they just didn't have.
bear, carry, have Some of the symbols carry meaning and some just represent sounds. a word that has more than one meaning
take on The word ‘gay’ took on its modern meaning in the 1960s.
communicate, convey, express
PREP. in a/the ~ ambiguity in the meaning of a phrase
with a/the ~ I am using the word with its original meaning.
~ behind the meaning behind an event
PHRASES a nuance/shade of meaning It is difficult for a non-Italian to grasp all the nuances of meaning.

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II. purpose/importance
ADJ. deep, real, true She's searching for the deeper meaning of life.
spiritual He found spiritual meaning through religion.
VERB + MEANING have Her work no longer had any meaning for her.
find | lose After his death, she felt life had lost all meaning.
give sth Falling in love gave meaning to his life.
PREP. without ~ Young people can feel that life is without meaning.

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have a meaning
The same word may have several different meanings.
take on a meaning (=begin to have a new meaning)
The word ‘chaos’ has taken on a special scientific meaning.
understand the meaning
The pictures help the children understand the meanings of the words.
know the meaning
Do you know the meaning of the word ‘paraphrase’?
get sb’s meaning (also take sb’s meaning British English) (=understand what someone is saying in an indirect way)
He’s not like other people, if you get my meaning.
grasp the meaning (=begin to understand the meaning)
She suddenly grasped the meaning of his frantic gestures.
carry meaning (also bear a meaning formal) (=have a meaning)
In conversation, even a pause may carry meaning.
convey meaning (=express a meaning)
the use of hand signals to convey meaning
The term ‘stress’ has a precise meaning to an engineer.
a hidden meaning
She felt there was a hidden meaning behind his words.
a double meaning (=two meanings at the same time)
Everything he said had a double meaning.
the literal meaning
The literal meaning of ‘telephone’ is ‘far-away sound’.
the ordinary meaning
They are a 'nuisance' in the ordinary meaning, not the legal meaning, of that word.
the figurative/metaphorical meaning (=different from its usual or basic meaning)
The expression has a metaphorical meaning.
sb’s/sth’s true meaning
Children understand the true meaning of these words.
a symbolic meaning (=representing an idea)
Colours often have symbolic meanings; for example, black signifies grief in Western cultures.

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