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medication /ˌmedəˈkeɪʃən, ˌmedɪˈkeɪʃən/ noun [uncountable and countable]

تداوی ، تجویز دوا ، دارو
Synonyms: remedy, cure, medicament, medicant, medicine, pharmacon, physic
English Thesaurus: medicine, pill, tablet, antibiotics/aspirin/codeine etc, capsule, ...

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medication /ˌmedəˈkeɪʃən, ˌmedɪˈkeɪʃən/ noun [uncountable and countable]
[Word Family: noun: medical, medication, medicine, medic; adjective: medical, medicated, medicinal; adverb: medically, medicinally]
medicine or drugs given to people who are ill
be on medication (for something)
He’s on medication for high blood pressure.

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ADJ. prescribed | over-the-counter | regular
VERB + MEDICATION be on, receive, take | prescribe (sb) | administer, give sb | stop She stopped the medication because of side effects.
need, require
PREP. ~ for He is on regular medication for his fits.

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take medication
Are you taking any medication?
be on medication (=be taking a type of medicine)
He's on medication for his blood pressure.
prescribe medication (=arrange for someone to take a particular type of medicine)
Doctors should always explain the reasons for prescribing any medication.
give medication (also administer medication formal)
Teachers are not allowed to administer medication.
use medication
The leaflet tells you how to use the medication correctly.
stop a medication (=stop taking a medication)
I stopped the medication when I found out I was pregnant.
come off a medication (=stop taking a medication)
Coming off the medication made him more aggressive.
over-the-counter medication (=one that you can buy without a doctor's order)
There are many over-the-counter medications available for headaches.
prescribed medication (=one for which you need a doctor's order)
What happens if the patient does not take their prescribed medication?
regular medication (=one that someone takes often)
He is on regular medication to prevent fits.

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