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military /ˈmɪlətəri, ˈmɪlɪtəri $ -teri/ adjective

نظامی ، سربازی ، نظام ، جنگی ، ارتش ، ارتشی ، قانون ـ فقه: نظامی ، روانشناسی: نظامی ، علوم نظامی: مربوط به نظام
- warlike, armed, martial, soldierly
- armed forces, army, forces, services
Antonyms: unmilitary
Related Words: chauvinistic, jingoistic, militaristic, warmongering, soldierlike, soldierly

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I. military1 S2 W1 AC /ˈmɪlətəri, ˈmɪlɪtəri $ -teri/ adjective
[Word Family: noun: militancy, militant, the military, militia, militarism, militarist; adjective: military, militant, militaristic, militarized; adverb: militantly, militarily]
[Date: 1400-1500; Language: French; Origin: militaire, from Latin militaris, from miles 'soldier']

1. used by, involving, or relating to the army, navy, or air force:
a military helicopter
military equipment
The government has threatened to take military action if the rebels do not withdraw from the area.
The United States is prepared to use military force to achieve its aims.
a raid by European military forces (=the army, navy, or air force)

2. with military precision if you do something with military precision, you do it in a very organized and exact way:
The trips are planned with military precision.
—militarily adverb:
Europe may have to intervene militarily if the crisis worsens.

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II. military2 AC noun
the military [also + plural verb British English] the military forces of a country Synonym : the forces:
He was never tempted to join the military.
in the military
My brother is in the military.
The military were sent in to break up the demonstration.

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noun the military
VERB + MILITARY serve in I wasn't surprised to learn that he'd served in the military.
call in The government called in the military to deal with the riots.
MILITARY + VERB seize/take power
PREP. among/in/within ~ reports of growing discontent among the military
PHRASES a member of the military

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