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milk /mɪlk/ noun

شیره گیاهی ، دوشیدن ، شیره کشیدن از
Synonyms: exploit, extract, pump, take advantage of
Related Words: exact, exploit, extort, drain, empty, exhaust, pump, suck, wring

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I. milk1 S2 W3 /mɪlk/ noun
[Language: Old English; Origin: meolc, milc]

1. [uncountable] a white liquid produced by cows or goats that is drunk by people:
a bottle of milk
Would you like some milk in your tea?
a pint of semi-skimmed milk

2. [uncountable] a white liquid produced by female animals and women for feeding their babies:
mothers who believe that breast milk is best for their babies
The tiny fox cubs drink nothing but their mother’s milk.

3. [uncountable] a liquid or juice produced by particular plants, especially the coconut

4. [uncountable and countable] a thin white liquid used to clean or protect skin Synonym : lotion:
a mild facial cleansing milk

5. the milk of human kindness literary the kind and sympathetic behaviour of most ordinary people
evaporated milk, ⇒ cry over spilt milk at cry1(3), ⇒ land of milk and honey at land1(8)

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II. milk2 verb [transitive]

1. informal to get as much money or as many advantages as you can from a situation, in a very determined and sometimes dishonest way
milk somebody/something for something
Their landlord regularly milks them for extra money by claiming for damage to his property.
He seems to be milking the incident for all it’s worth (=getting as much from it as possible).

2. to take milk from a cow or goat:
I helped to milk the cows.
—milking noun [uncountable]:
They had risen at 5.30 to do the milking.

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ADJ. fresh | curdled, off, sour The milk has gone off/turned sour.
full-cream, full-fat, whole | low-fat, semi-skimmed | non-fat, skimmed | creamy | cold, warm | cow's, goat's, etc. | breast | baby, formula | coconut, soya | condensed, evaporated a tin of condensed milk
dried, powdered | pasteurized, unpasteurized | homogenized | long-life, UHT | organic
QUANT. litre, pint | bottle, carton, cup, glass, jug
VERB + MILK drink, have, take Do you take milk in your coffee?
add | pour | spill | deliver They've stopped delivering milk in our area.
boil, heat, scald | produce | express She expressed some milk so her husband could do the night feeding.
MILK + NOUN powder | pudding, shake (also milkshake) | chocolate | product | bottle, churn, jug | production, yield | float, round
PHRASES the top of the milk (= the creamy part at the top of a milk bottle)

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drink milk
Drinking milk keeps your bones strong.
have/take milk (=drink milk in your tea or coffee)
Do you take milk in your coffee?
pour milk
She poured some milk into a saucepan.
sour (=not fresh)
Milk turns sour very quickly in hot weather.
She made me drink a glass of fresh milk.
I can only drink milk if it’s really cold.
Can I have a cup of warm milk please?
pasteurized (=milk that has been heated to kill harmful bacteria)
a type of cheese made from pasteurized milk
homogenized (=milk that has had the cream mixed into the milk)
Most milk sold in stores is homogenized milk.
whole milk (also full-fat milk British English) (=milk that has not had any fat taken out)
The ice cream is made from whole milk.
semi-skimmed milk British English (also low-fat milk) (=milk that has had some of the fat taken out)
Adults should drink semi-skimmed milk rather than whole milk.
skimmed milk British English, skim milk/nonfat milk American English (=milk that has had all the fat taken out)
a bowl of cereal with skim milk
long-life milk British English (=specially treated milk that you can keep for a long time)
I’ve got a carton of long-life milk in the cupboard.
powdered milk (also dry milk American English)
Powdered milk is useful for camping trips.
baby/formula milk (=milk in powder form for babies)
Many babies are fed formula milk.
milk bottle
Put the empty milk bottles into the crates.
milk carton (=a plastic or cardboard container in which milk is sold)
containers such as milk cartons and soap powder boxes
milk jug
She put the butter, jam and milk jug on the table.
milk powder
hot water mixed with milk powder
a glass of milk
Would you like a glass of milk?
a bottle of milk
I accidentally knocked over a bottle of milk.
a pint of milk
I need to buy a pint of milk.

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See: cry over spilled milk

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