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minimum /ˈmɪnəməm, ˈmɪnɪməm/ adjective [only before noun]
minimum noun [singular]

Irregular Forms: (pl) minima

مینیمم ، کمترین ، دست کم ، حداقل ، کمینه ، کهین ، علوم مهندسی: مینیمم ، معماری: حداقل ، شیمی: کمینه ، روانشناسی: کمینه ، بازرگانی: حداقل ، ورزش: مینیموم ، علوم هوایی: کمینه
- least, least possible, lowest, minimal, slightest, smallest
- least, lowest, nadir
Antonyms: maximum
Contrasted words: abundance, bushel(s), gob(s), lashings, load(s), lot(s), mass(es), much, oodles, profusion, scads, slather(s), ton(s), world(s)
Related Words: dab, hair, iota, jot, modicum, particle, pittance, smidgen, speck, whit
English Thesaurus: limit, restrictions, limitations, constraints, maximum, ...

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I. minimum1 S2 W3 AC /ˈmɪnəməm, ˈmɪnɪməm/ adjective [only before noun]
[Word Family: noun: minimum, minimalism, minimalist; adjective: minimal, minimum, minimalist; adverb: minimally, minimum; verb: minimize]
the minimum number, degree, or amount of something is the smallest or least that is possible, allowed, or needed Antonym : maximum:
The minimum number of students we need to run the course is fifteen.
The minimum age for retirement is 55.
—minimum adverb:
You’ll need two tons of cement, minimum.

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II. minimum2 AC noun [singular]
[Word Family: noun: minimum, minimalism, minimalist; adjective: minimal, minimum, minimalist; adverb: minimally, minimum; verb: minimize]
[Date: 1600-1700; Language: Latin; Origin: minimus 'smallest']

1. the smallest amount of something or number of things that is possible or necessary Antonym : maximum
a minimum of two hours/£1,000 etc
The judge recommended that he should serve a minimum of 12 years.
minimum of
He achieved enviable results with the minimum of effort.
absolute/bare minimum (=the very least amount or number)
Prison inmates are kept in tiny cells, with the bare minimum of furniture.
keep/reduce something to a minimum
She had reduced her consumption of fat and sugar to an absolute minimum.

2. at a/the minimum used to say that if nothing else is done, this one thing should be done:
At a minimum, we must recruit two new teachers.

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ADJ. absolute, bare, very | agreed, guaranteed | recommended | legal, mandatory, required, statutory
VERB + MINIMUM keep sth to, reduce sth to Two fire crews managed to keep damage to a minimum.
reach The sun's temperature reached a minimum in the summer of 1981.
exceed | regard sth as A temperature of 121°C is regarded as the minimum necessary to achieve sterility.
PREP. above (the) ~, at (a/the) ~ Candidates must have a first degree at a minimum.
below (the) ~, down to a ~ We tried to keep costs down to a minimum.
~ of a minimum of £20 a minimum of fuss
PHRASES the minimum acceptable/necessary/needed/required, the minimum possible He's always done the minimum possible to pass his exams.
with the minimum of delay/discomfort/disruption/effort/fuss/risk

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have a minimum of something
Candidates should have a minimum of five years’ work experience.
keep something to a minimum (=to keep something at a low level)
Keep the noise to a minimum, will you?
reduce something to a minimum (=make something less, so it is at a low level)
We want to reduce the environmental impact to a minimum.
need a minimum of something (also require a minimum of something formal)
We’ll need a minimum of two days to get this ready.
an absolute/bare minimum (=the very least amount)
He paid in five pounds, the bare minimum needed to keep the bank account open.
the legal/statutory minimum (=the least amount the law says you must have)
The wage was often well below the legal minimum.
the required/necessary minimum (=the least amount that you must have)
He received 35 votes, two more than the required minimum.
with a minimum of fuss (=with very little anxious behaviour or activity)
They checked our passports with the minimum of fuss.
with a minumum of effort (=with very little effort)
The house could be restored with a minimum of effort.

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