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mistrust /mɪsˈtrʌst/ noun [uncountable]

بدگمانی ، اطمینان نکردن به ، ظن داشتن
- doubt, be wary of, distrust, fear, suspect
- suspicion, distrust, doubt, misgiving, scepticism, uncertainty, wariness
Antonyms: assurance, trust
Contrasted words: dependence, faith, reliance
Related Words: apprehension, foreboding, misgiving, presentiment, anticipate, apprehend, foresee, alarm, frighten, scare, appall, dismay

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I. mistrust1 /mɪsˈtrʌst/ noun [uncountable]
the feeling that you cannot trust someone, especially because you think they may treat you unfairly or dishonestly Synonym : suspicion, distrust
mistrust of
He had a deep mistrust of the legal profession.

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II. mistrust2 verb [transitive]
[Word Family: adjective: trusting, trustworthyuntrustworthy, trusty, distrustful, mistrustful; noun: trustdistrustmistrust, trustee, trusteeship, trustworthiness; verb: trustdistrustmistrust]
to not trust someone, especially because you think they may treat you unfairly or dishonestly Synonym : distrust:
As a very small child she had learned to mistrust adults.
—mistrustful adjective:
Some people are very mistrustful of computerised banking.

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ADJ. deep, profound | growing | widespread | mutual trying to overcome their mutual distrust
VERB + MISTRUST create, fuel | overcome
PREP. ~ between There is suspicion and mistrust between immigrants and the police.
~ in The incident has increased workers' mistrust in the management.
~ of His experience left him with a mistrust of banks.
~ towards
PHRASES an atmosphere/a climate/a sense of mistrust Corruption creates an climate of mistrust towards authority.

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