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mood /muːd/ noun

حالت ، حوصله ، حال ، سردماغ ، خلق ، مشرب ، وجه ، روانشناسی: وضع روانی
Synonyms: state of mind, disposition, frame of mind, humour, spirit, temper
Related Words: character, disposition, individuality, personality, temperament, soul, spirit, affection, emotion, feeling, response

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mood S3 W3 /muːd/ noun
[Word Family: noun: mood, moodiness; adverb: moodily; adjective: moody]
[Sense 1-5: Language: Old English; Origin: mod 'mind, courage']
[Sense 6: Date: 1500-1600; Origin: mode]

1. WAY YOU FEEL [countable] the way you feel at a particular time:
You’re in a good mood this morning!
the general mood of depression in the office

2. be in a mood to feel unhappy, impatient, or angry and to refuse to speak normally to other people:
He’s been in a real mood all day.
Don’t talk to her. She’s in one of her moods (=used about someone who is often unhappy, angry etc).

3. be/feel in the mood (for something) to feel that you would like to do something:
We really felt in the mood for a party.
I don’t want to talk about it now. I’m not in the mood.

4. be in no mood for something/to do something to not want to do something, or be determined not to do something:
I was in no mood for a joke.
George was in no mood to be sociable.

5. when the mood takes you at times that are not regular or planned, when you feel that you want to do something:
He used to visit them when the mood took him.

6. WAY A PLACE OR EVENT FEELS [singular] the way that a place, event, book, film etc seems or makes you feel:
The opening shot of dark, rainy streets sets the mood for the whole film.

7. GRAMMAR [countable] technical one of the sets of verb forms in grammar: the indicative (=expressing a fact or action), the imperative (=expressing a command), the interrogative (=expressing a question), or the subjunctive (=expressing a doubt or wish)

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ADJ. amiable, cheerful, good, happy, jolly, jovial She was not in the best of moods.
exultant, jubilant | bullish, buoyant, confident, optimistic She was in a bullish mood about the future of the company.
bad, black, filthy, foul, rotten, terrible | pessimistic | gloomy, melancholy, sombre | contemplative, introspective, pensive, reflective, serious, sober, thoughtful | expansive, talkative | mellow, relaxed | restless | changeable, changing I can't keep up with his constantly changing moods.
defiant The sacked workers were in defiant mood as they entered the tribunal.
generous | funny, strange He's in a funny mood today?who knows how he'll react?
playful | festive It was Christmas and everyone was in festive mood.
national, popular, public a prime minister who can gauge the popular mood
VERB + MOOD be in Don't talk to Miranda today?she's in a terrible mood!
get sb in, put sb in The music helped to put them in a more relaxed mood.
create, evoke | affect | match, reflect, suit Choose colours to match your mood. The weather seemed to reflect his sombre mood.
capture a film that has captured the mood of the moment
MOOD + VERB change | darken | improve, lift, lighten His mood lifted as he concentrated on his driving.
MOOD + NOUN swing After the accident he suffered violent mood swings.
PHRASES be in no mood for sth I tried to make him laugh, but he was in no mood for jokes.
a change of mood Instantly he felt her change of mood.

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a good mood
He was in a good mood when he got home from work.
a bad mood
The news had put her in a bad mood.
a confident/optimistic/relaxed etc mood
At the beginning of the negotiations, he was in a confident mood.
a holiday/party/festive mood (=a happy mood in which you want to enjoy a holiday or party)
The fans were in a festive mood after their team won the championship.
a foul mood (=very bad and angry)
Watch what you say; he's in a foul mood.
a black mood British English (=very angry or sad)
His earlier black mood seemed to have gone.
a sombre mood British English, a somber mood American English (=serious and slightly sad)
His death has put the country in a sombre mood.
the general mood (=the mood of a group of people)
One soldier expressed the general mood of fear and failure in a letter home.
the public/national mood (=the mood of the people in a country)
The public mood was one of anger and frustration.
a mood of optimism/despair/excitement etc
There is a new mood of optimism.
a change of mood
Michael underwent one of his sudden changes of mood.
the mood of the time/moment (=the way people in general feel at a particular time)
The movie captured the mood of the moment.
mood swings (=changes of mood)
Sudden mood swings can be a sign of mental illness.
reflect/capture somebody's mood (=show what someone is feeling)
His comments reflected the national mood.
match/suit somebody's mood
The terrible weather matched her mood.
lighten somebody's mood (=make someone feel happier)
The sun was streaming in the window, but it did nothing to lighten his mood.
gauge somebody's mood (=try to decide what someone's mood is)
He looked at her for a moment, trying to gauge her mood.
somebody's mood changes
Then his mood changed, and he laughed.
somebody's mood improves
By the next morning, her mood had improved.

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BAD: The mood of the castle depends on the weather.
GOOD: The atmosphere of the castle depends on the weather.
DUBIOUS: The streets were very crowded and had a holiday mood.
GOOD: The streets were very crowded and had a holiday atmosphere.
GOOD: The streets were full of people in a holiday mood.

Usage Note:
mood = the way someone feels at a particular time, such as happy, angry, etc: 'I'd keep clear of George this morning - he's in one of his bad moods.'
atmosphere = the general impression that a place gives you: 'Their house always has a warm, friendly atmosphere.'

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