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mount /maʊnt/ verb

محکم کردن، ثابت کردن، نصب کردن قرار دادن، اسب مسابقه با سوارکار، مانت، پایه نصب، مقر، قنداق، سوار کردن بر پا کردن، سکو
(n.) کوه، تپه
(n.vt.&vi.) بالارفتن (با(up، سوار شدن بر، بلند شدن، زیادشدن، بالغ شدن بر، سوار کردن، سوار شدن، صعود کردن، نصب کردن، صعود، ترفیع، مقوای عکس، پایه، قاب عکس، مرکوب) اسب، دوچرخه وغیره)، علوم مهندسی: پایه، ورزش: شروع حرکت روی وسیله ژیمناستیک، علوم نظامی: سوار شدن قله برامدگی
ارسال ایمیل
- climb, ascend, clamber up, go up, scale
- bestride, climb onto, jump on
- increase, accumulate, build, escalate, grow, intensify, multiply, pile up, swell
- backing, base, frame, setting, stand, support
- horse, steed (literary)
Antonyms: drop, dismount
Contrasted words: descend, fall, lower
Related Words: seat, settle
English Thesaurus: mountain, hill, Mount, cliff, precipice, ...

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I. mount1 /maʊnt/ verb
[Date: 1200-1300; Language: Old French; Origin: monter 'to go up', from Latin mons; mount2]

1. ORGANIZE [transitive] to plan, organize, and begin an event or a course of action:
The National Gallery mounted an exhibition of Danish painting.
mount a campaign/challenge/search etc
Friends of the Earth are mounting a campaign to monitor the illegal logging of trees.
mount an assault/attack
Guerrillas have mounted an attack on the capital.

2. INCREASE [intransitive usually in progressive] to increase gradually in amount or degree:
Tension here is mounting, as we await the final result.
Casualties on both sides of the battle have continued to mount.

3. HORSE/BICYCLE [intransitive and transitive] formal to get on a horse or bicycle Antonym : dismount:
He mounted his horse and rode on.

4. GO UP [transitive] formal to go up a step or stairs:
He mounted the stairs and looked around him slowly.
A car suddenly mounted the pavement to avoid a vehicle coming in the opposite direction.

5. PICTURE [transitive] to fix a picture to a larger piece of stiff paper so that it looks more attractive
mount something on/onto something
Entries to the photography competition should be mounted on white paper.

6. SEX [transitive] technical if a male animal mounts a female animal, he gets up onto her back to have sex ⇒ mounted
mount up phrasal verb
to gradually increase in amount:
At £6 a ticket, the cost quickly mounts up.

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II. mount2 noun [countable]
[Sense 1,4: Date: 800-900; Language: Old French; Origin: mont, from Latin mons 'mountain']
[Sense 2-3: Date: 1300-1400; Origin: mount1]

1. Mount (written abbreviation Mt) used as part of the name of a mountain:
Mount Everest

2. formal a horse that you ride on

3. stiff paper that is put behind or around a picture so that it looks more attractive

4. literary a mountain

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I. organize sth
ADV. successfully The company successfully mounted a takeover bid in 1996.

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II. increase
ADV. quickly, rapidly | steadily | gradually | hourly Election fever is mounting hourly.
up The cost quickly mounts up.
VERB + MOUNT begin to, continue to

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III. picture/jewel, etc.
ADV. beautifully The prints were beautifully mounted.
carefully | directly The switch is mounted directly on the wall.
horizontally, vertically
PREP. in The diamond is mounted in gold.
on The specimens were carefully mounted on slides.

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