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mount /maʊnt/ verb

محکم کردن ، ثابت کردن ، نصب کردن قرار دادن ، اسب مسابقه با سوارکار ، مانت ، پایه نصب ، مقر ، قنداق ، سوار کردن بر پا کردن ، سکو
(n.) کوه ، تپه
(n.vt.&vi.) بالارفتن (با(up ، سوار شدن بر ، بلند شدن ، زیادشدن ، بالغ شدن بر ، سوار کردن ، سوار شدن ، صعود کردن ، نصب کردن ، صعود ، ترفیع ، مقوای عکس ، پایه ، قاب عکس ، مرکوب) اسب ، دوچرخه وغیره) ، علوم مهندسی: پایه ، ورزش: شروع حرکت روی وسیله ژیمناستیک ، علوم نظامی: سوار شدن قله برامدگی
- climb, ascend, clamber up, go up, scale
- bestride, climb onto, jump on
- increase, accumulate, build, escalate, grow, intensify, multiply, pile up, swell
- backing, base, frame, setting, stand, support
- horse, steed (literary)
Antonyms: drop, dismount
Contrasted words: descend, fall, lower
Related Words: seat, settle
English Thesaurus: mountain, hill, Mount, cliff, precipice, ...

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I. mount1 /maʊnt/ verb
[Date: 1200-1300; Language: Old French; Origin: monter 'to go up', from Latin mons; mount2]

1. ORGANIZE [transitive] to plan, organize, and begin an event or a course of action:
The National Gallery mounted an exhibition of Danish painting.
mount a campaign/challenge/search etc
Friends of the Earth are mounting a campaign to monitor the illegal logging of trees.
mount an assault/attack
Guerrillas have mounted an attack on the capital.

2. INCREASE [intransitive usually in progressive] to increase gradually in amount or degree:
Tension here is mounting, as we await the final result.
Casualties on both sides of the battle have continued to mount.

3. HORSE/BICYCLE [intransitive and transitive] formal to get on a horse or bicycle Antonym : dismount:
He mounted his horse and rode on.

4. GO UP [transitive] formal to go up a step or stairs:
He mounted the stairs and looked around him slowly.
A car suddenly mounted the pavement to avoid a vehicle coming in the opposite direction.

5. PICTURE [transitive] to fix a picture to a larger piece of stiff paper so that it looks more attractive
mount something on/onto something
Entries to the photography competition should be mounted on white paper.

6. SEX [transitive] technical if a male animal mounts a female animal, he gets up onto her back to have sex ⇒ mounted
mount up phrasal verb
to gradually increase in amount:
At £6 a ticket, the cost quickly mounts up.

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II. mount2 noun [countable]
[Sense 1,4: Date: 800-900; Language: Old French; Origin: mont, from Latin mons 'mountain']
[Sense 2-3: Date: 1300-1400; Origin: mount1]

1. Mount (written abbreviation Mt) used as part of the name of a mountain:
Mount Everest

2. formal a horse that you ride on

3. stiff paper that is put behind or around a picture so that it looks more attractive

4. literary a mountain

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I. organize sth
ADV. successfully The company successfully mounted a takeover bid in 1996.

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II. increase
ADV. quickly, rapidly | steadily | gradually | hourly Election fever is mounting hourly.
up The cost quickly mounts up.
VERB + MOUNT begin to, continue to

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III. picture/jewel, etc.
ADV. beautifully The prints were beautifully mounted.
carefully | directly The switch is mounted directly on the wall.
horizontally, vertically
PREP. in The diamond is mounted in gold.
on The specimens were carefully mounted on slides.

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