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moving /ˈmuːvɪŋ/ adjective

متحرک ، موثر
- emotional, affecting, inspiring, pathetic, persuasive, poignant, stirring, touching
- mobile, movable, portable, running, unfixed
Antonyms: unmoving
Contrasted words: unaffecting, unimpressive, untouching, casual, cold, formal
Related Words: eloquent, expressive, facund, meaningful, pregnant, sententious, significant, arousing, awakening, rallying, rousing, stirring, exciting, provoking, quickening, stimulating, breathless, gripping
English Thesaurus: emotional, emotive, moving, touching, poignant, ...

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moving /ˈmuːvɪŋ/ adjective
[Word Family: noun: move, movement, removal, remover, mover; adjective: movable, unmoved, moving; verb: move, remove; adverb: movingly]

1. making you feel strong emotions, especially sadness or sympathy
deeply/very/profoundly moving
Bayman’s book about his illness is deeply moving.
moving account/story etc
a moving account of his childhood in Ireland
Attending the memorial service was a moving experience.

2. [only before noun] changing from one position to another:
a moving stage
fast/slow moving etc
Be careful when changing lanes in fast-moving traffic.
an archer learning to hit a moving target

3. a moving target something that is changing continuously, so that it is very difficult to criticize it or compete against it:
The company is constantly improving the system, making it a moving target.

4. the moving spirit formal someone who makes something start to happen:
He was the moving spirit behind the founding of the union.
—movingly adverb:
She spoke movingly about her father’s last days.

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VERBS be | find sth I found the story intensely moving.
ADV. deeply, extraordinarily, intensely, profoundly, very a deeply moving account of life on the streets

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