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nap /næp/ noun

بهترین شرکت کننده (از دید شرط بندان) ، خواب نیمروز ، چرت زدن ، (درپارچه و فرش) خواب ، پرز ، ورزش: بهترین شرکت کننده ، علوم هوایی: نیمرخ محلی یا موضعی سطح زمین
- sleep, catnap, forty winks (informal), kip (Brit. slang), rest, siesta
- sleep, catnap, doze, drop off (informal), kip (Brit. slang), nod off (informal), rest, snooze (informal)
weave, down, fibre, grain, pile
Related Idioms: catch a wink of sleep, catch forty winks, take a nap (or siesta or snooze)
Related Words: dogsleep, break, interlude, intermission, let up, pause, respite, rest, drowse, relax, unlax
English Thesaurus: sleep, slumber/slumbers, shut-eye, doze, snooze, ...

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I. nap1 /næp/ noun
[Sense 1: Date: 1300-1400; Origin: nap2]
[Sense 2: Date: 1400-1500; Language: Middle Dutch; Origin: noppe]

1. [countable] a short sleep, especially during the day
have/take a nap
I usually take a nap after lunch.
an afternoon nap

2. [singular] the soft surface on some cloth and leather, made by brushing the short fine threads or hairs in one direction ⇒ pile1(7)

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II. nap2 verb (past tense and past participle napped, present participle napping) [intransitive]
[Language: Old English; Origin: hnappian]

1. be caught napping informal to not be ready to deal with something when it happens, although you should be ready for it:
The German team were caught napping and Lampard scored the winning goal.

2. to sleep for a short time during the day

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ADJ. brief, little, quick, short | afternoon, morning | cat (also catnap) If you have difficulty sleeping at night, avoid taking catnaps during the day.
power A ten-minute power nap can boost your productivity.
VERB + NAP have, take I had a short nap after lunch.

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have/take a nap
I took a nap after lunch.
a short/little nap
A short nap may make you feel better.
a quick/brief nap
I like to have a brief nap in the afternoon.
an afternoon/morning nap
She has her afternoon nap at about two.
a two-hour/twenty minute etc nap
At age four, she was still having a two-hour nap every day.
a power nap (=a short sleep at work, that gives you more energy and concentration)
Try taking a power nap before the meeting.
a catnap (=a very short sleep)
I envied her ability to take catnaps at any time of the day.
nap time
You can always tell when it's a baby's nap time because they start getting irritable.

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