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need /niːd/ verb
need noun

ضرورت ، احتیاج لازم داشتن ، مستلزم بودن ، لزوم ، نیازمندی ، در احتیاج داشتن ، نیازمند بودن ، نیازداشتن ، قانون ـ فقه: حاجت ، لازم بودن ، روانشناسی: نیاز
- require, call for, demand, entail, lack, miss, necessitate, want
- poverty, deprivation, destitution, inadequacy, insufficiency, lack, paucity, penury, shortage
- requirement, demand, desideratum, essential, requisite
- emergency, exigency, necessity, obligation, urgency, want
Contrasted words: adequacy, enough, sufficiency
Related Words: call, claim, exaction, deficiency, deficit, lack, shortage, want, demand, exact, hanker, hunger, long, pine, thirst, yearn, covet, crave, desire, wish
English Thesaurus: need, require, can’t do without something, could do with something/could use something, be desperate for something, ...

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I. need1 S1 W1 /niːd/ verb
[Word Family: noun: need, needs, the needy; adjective: needless, needy; verb: need; adverb: needlessly]

1. [transitive not in progressive] to have to have something or someone, because you cannot do something without them, or because you cannot continue or cannot exist without them Synonym : require:
You don’t really need a car.
Plants need light in order to survive.
The camcorder needs a new battery.
Are you sure that you have everything you need?
need something for something
I need glasses for reading.
need somebody to do something
I need you to help me with the cooking.
need something desperately/badly/urgently
More blood donors are urgently needed.
much needed/badly needed
a much needed boost to the local economy

2. [transitive not in progressive] to feel that you want something very much:
I need a drink.
If you need anything, just say.
need to do something
She needed to go out for a walk.

3. need to do something used when saying that someone should do something or has to do something:
He needs to see a doctor straightaway.
I need to catch up on my office work.
You need to let me know by Monday if you want to take part.

4. [modal] British English used in negative sentences when saying that something is not necessary or not always true ⇒ have to
need not/needn’t
You needn’t stay long.
Going to the dentist need not necessarily be a painful experience.
need not have done something/need not do something
You needn’t have spent all that money.
I needn’t have worried.
need I/we etc do something? British English old-fashioned:
Need we leave so soon?
somebody need never do something
Jim need never find out what I said.

5. [transitive] used when saying that something should have something done to it, or has to have something done to it
something needs doing
The house needed painting.
Does this shirt need ironing?
something needs to be checked/cleaned/done etc
The engine will need to be completely checked.
The pie doesn’t need to be refrigerated.
need a (good) wash/clean/cut etc (=ought to be washed, cleaned etc)
His hair needs a wash.

6. [transitive] if a job needs a quality or skill, you must have that quality or skill in order to do it well:
The job needs a lot of patience.
Being a teacher needs a high level of motivation.

7. I need hardly say/tell/remind etc British English used when you think people should already know what you are going to say:
I need hardly remind you that this information is confidential.

8. you need only do something/all you need do is ... British English used when saying that you only have to do something in order to do something else:
We need only look at the building to see how much money it will take to repair.
All we need do is threaten them.

9. need I ask/need I say more/need I go on etc? British English used to say that it is not necessary to ask or say more about something, because the rest is clear:
She’s lazy, slow, and stubborn. Need I say more?

10. that’s all I need/that’s just what I didn’t need spoken used when saying that you did not want something to happen, especially when it seems annoying:
‘There’s a customer for you on the phone.’ ‘That’s all I need!’

11. need something like a hole in the head informal used when saying that you definitely do not need something

12. who needs it/them? spoken
a) used to say you are not interested in something:
Make-up, who needs it?
b) used to say that someone or something is actually very important to you:
Kids? Who needs them!

Verb patterns
You can say that you need to do something:
I need to clean (NOT I need clean) the house.
If someone else is going to do something for you, you can say that you need something done:
I need my car fixed urgently.
When you are talking about the object that is going to have something done to it, you can say that it needs cutting, cleaning etc or needs to be cut, cleaned etc:
My hair needs cutting.
That box needs to be moved (NOT needs moved).
You can say that you don’t need to do something or need not/needn’t do something:
I don’t need to leave (NOT don’t need leave) until 10.
You needn’t apologize (NOT needn’t to apologize).
Need not means that it is not necessary to do something. Do not use it to mean must not (=should not, or are not allowed to):
You needn’t take any money.
You mustn’t take any sharp objects on the plane.
If you say that someone needn’t have done something, you mean that it was not necessary for them to do it although they did it anyway:
We needn’t have ordered so much food. Do not use it when something was not necessary and was not done. Use didn’t need to:
I didn’t need to tell him who I was – he already knew.

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II. need2 S1 W1 noun
[Word Family: noun: need, needs, the needy; adjective: needless, needy; verb: need; adverb: needlessly]
[Language: Old English; Origin: nied, ned]

1. [singular] a situation in which something is necessary, especially something that is not happening yet or is not yet available
need for
There’s a growing need for new housing in many rural areas.
a need to do something
We fully recognize the need to improve communications.

2. [singular, uncountable] a strong feeling that you want something, want to do something, or that you must have something
need for
the need for job satisfaction
feel the need (to do something)
Jack did not feel the need to boast about his success.
You’re welcome to come back and talk any time, if ever you feel the need.

3. [countable usually plural] what someone needs to have in order to live a normal healthy comfortable life:
She works to provide for her family’s basic needs.
sb’s needs
Environmentalists argue that the organization fails to address the needs of third world farmers.
meet/satisfy a need (=provide something that people want or need)
The charity exists to meet the needs of elderly people.
Schools must satisfy the needs of their pupils.
We have loans to meet your every need.

4. there’s no need (for somebody) to do something
a) used to say that someone does not have to do something:
There’s no need for you to come if you don’t want to.
There’s no need to feel sorry for him.
b) spoken used to tell someone to stop doing something:
There’s no need to shout!

5. be in need of something
a) to need help, advice, money etc, because you are in a difficult situation:
This project is in urgent need of funding.
He is homeless and in desperate need of help.
b) to need to be cleaned, repaired, or given attention in some way:
The church was in dire (=very great) need of repair.

6. have no need of something to not need something:
She believes him and has no need of further proof.

7. [uncountable] when you do not have enough food or money:
cases of severe need in the inner cities
in need
We must care for those in need.

8. in your hour of need when you are in trouble and need someone to help you:
How could she abandon her father now, in his hour of need?

9. needs must (when the devil drives) British English used to say that you must sometimes do things that you do not like doing:
It's not the most comfortable way to travel, but needs must.
special needs

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I. situation where sth is needed/necessary
ADJ. considerable, great, strong | special There is a special need for well-trained teachers.
overriding, overwhelming, paramount | burning, compelling, critical, crying, desperate, dire, driving, immediate, pressing, urgent a crying need for skilled workers These children are in dire need.
real | clear | basic, essential, fundamental | sudden | constant, continuing He's in constant need of treatment.
growing, increased/increasing | reduced | possible | perceived | common our common need for self-preservation
individual | human the human need to order existence
political, social
VERB + NEED feel, have I felt the need to do something.
express Several governments have expressed the need for a cautious approach to the conflict.
demonstrate, prove, show, suggest The incident proved the need for a continuing military presence in the area.
reflect a law reflecting a need for better social conditions
create The war created a need for national unity.
address, fulfil, meet, satisfy | avoid, eliminate, obviate, remove I avoid the need to travel by plane.
reduce | be aware of, be sensitive to | accept, acknowledge, perceive, recognize, see I see no need to do anything hasty.
emphasize, heighten, highlight, reaffirm, stress, underline She stressed the need for cooperation with the authorities.
ignore, overlook | deny The government has denied the need for economic reform.
understand | consider
NEED + VERB exist A need exists to bridge the gap between theory and practice in nursing.
arise The system can be switched to emergency power should the need arise.
PREP. in ~ (of) a campaign to help children in need The room was sorely in need of a fresh coat of paint.
~ for the need for change
PHRASES any/little/no need There's no need to worry.

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II. sth that sb requires
ADJ. basic, essential, fundamental | particular, special, specific a school for children with special educational needs
immediate, pressing | long-term | changing | conflicting | unmet | local | individual | community | customer/customer's, patient/patient's | human Energy for cooking is a basic human need.
humanitarian | material, physical material needs of food and drink
dietary | health care, medical | biological, bodily, emotional, physical, psychological, sexual, spiritual | educational | political, social | business | operational | energy | information
VERB + NEED be responsive to, be sensitive to | address, cater for/to, cover, fulfil, meet, provide (for), respond to, satisfy, serve, supply a new union set up to address the needs of seasonal labourers
£10 a day was enough to cover all his needs. We have now met most of the humanitarian needs of the refugees.
suit, tailor sth to The coaching is informal and tailored to individual needs.
identify | assess, consider
PHRASES needs and desires, sb's every need Our staff will cater to your every need.

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ADV. badly, desperately, really, urgently She needed some money badly. Research is urgently needed into the causes of this illness.
certainly, definitely | clearly, obviously | just, only, simply I just need some information.
hardly You hardly need me to tell you that your father is still very frail and must not be upset.
not necessarily These people may need 24-hour attention, but they do not necessarily need to be in hospital.
no longer | still
VERB + NEED be going to | be expected to, be likely to, may well You may well need to look outside your preferred area to find affordable accommodation.

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BAD: It is no need to tell the police about the accident.
GOOD: There is no need to tell the police about the accident.

Usage Note:
there is no need to do sth (NOT it is ... ): 'There's no need to start getting upset.'

BAD: There is a great need of international understanding.
GOOD: There is a great need for international understanding.

Usage Note:
See NEED 3 (need)

BAD: We have an urgent need of a new secretary.
GOOD: We are in urgent need of a new secretary.
BAD: I'm in urgent need for a loan.
GOOD: I'm in urgent need of a loan.

Usage Note:
be in need of sth (= require): 'The car is in need of a good clean.' 'Are you in need of any assistance?'

BAD: For a long time I have felt the need of improving my French.
GOOD: For a long time I have felt the need to improve my French.

Usage Note:
a need to do sth (NOT of/for doing ): 'I don't understand their need to sell the house.'

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BAD: Tina needs leave her house at seven o'clock every morning.
GOOD: Tina needs to leave her house at seven o'clock every morning.

Usage Note:
In affirmative sentences, use need to do sth (WITH to ): 'I need to get to the airport by seven at the latest.'
Compare (1) the negative forms: 'She doesn't need to stay if she doesn't want to.' 'She needn't stay if she doesn't want.'
(2) the question forms: 'Does she need to stay any longer?' 'Need she stay any longer?'

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