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new /njuː $ nuː/ adjective

تازه، اخیرا، نوین، جدیدا، کامپیوتر: فرمان پاک کردن حافظه و تایپ یک برنامه جدید
ارسال ایمیل
الکترونیک: فرمان پاک کردن حافظه و تایپ یک برنامه جدید، کامپیوتر: تازه، جدید، نو، اخیرا، نوین، جدیداکامپیوتر: جدید

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- modern, contemporary, current, fresh, ground-breaking, latest, novel, original, recent, state-of-the-art, unfamiliar, up-to-date
- changed, altered, improved, modernized, redesigned, renewed, restored
- extra, added, more, supplementary
Antonyms: old, once
Contrasted words: dated, outdated, outmoded, out-of-date, shabby, worn, hackneyed, old hat, trite, aforetime, before, earlier, formerly, heretofore, hitherto
Related Words: first-hand, independent, primary
English Thesaurus: new, brand new, recent, the latest, modern, ...

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new S1 W1 /njuː $ nuː/ adjective
[Word Family: adjective: new, renewable, renewed, newsy; noun: news, renewal; verb: renew; adverb: newly]
[Language: Old English; Origin: niwe]

1. RECENTLY MADE recently made, built, invented, written, designed etc Antonym : old:
the city’s new hospital
the new issue of ‘Time’ magazine
new products on the market
The hardest part of this job is understanding the new technology.
a new range of drugs

2. RECENTLY BOUGHT recently bought:
Do you like my new dress?
They’ve just moved into their new home.

3. NOT THERE BEFORE having just developed:
new leaves on the trees
a young man with new ideas
a new generation of women writers
new hope/confidence/optimism etc (=hope etc that you have only just started to feel)
a medical breakthrough that offers new hope to cancer patients

4. NOT USED BEFORE not used or owned by anyone before Antonym : used, second hand:
New and second-hand books for sale.
I got a used video camera for £300 – it would have cost £1,000 if I’d bought it new.
Jake arrived in his brand new (=completely new) car.
a spanking new (=completely new) conference centre

5. like new/as good as new in excellent condition:
Your watch just needs cleaning and it’ll be as good as new.

6. UNFAMILIAR not experienced before:
Learning a new language is always a challenge.
Living in the city was a new experience for Philip.
new to
This idea was new to him.
that’s a new one on me spoken (=used to say that you have never heard something before)
‘The office is going to be closed for six weeks this summer.’ ‘Really? That’s a new one on me.’

7. RECENTLY ARRIVED having recently arrived in a place, joined an organization, or started a new job:
You’re new here, aren’t you?
new to/at
Don’t worry if you make mistakes. You’re still new to the job.
new member/employee/student etc
training for new employees
new kid on the block informal (=the newest person in a job, school etc)
It’s not always easy being the new kid on the block.
the new boy/girl British English (=the newest person in a job, organization etc – used humorously)

8. RECENTLY CHANGED recently replaced or different from the previous one Antonym : old:
Have you met Keith’s new girlfriend?
I’ll let you have my new phone number.
the new regime in Beijing

9. RECENTLY DISCOVERED recently discovered:
the discovery of a new planet
new oilfields in Alaska
important new evidence that may prove her innocence

10. MODERN modern:
the new breed of politicians

11. VEGETABLES [only before noun] new potatoes, carrots etc are grown early in the season and eaten when young

12. new life/day/era a period that is just beginning, especially one that seems to offer better opportunities:
They went to Australia to start a new life there.

13. be/feel like a new man/woman to feel much healthier and have a lot more energy than before, or to have a different attitude:
I lost 19 pounds and felt like a new man.

14. new arrival
a) someone who has recently arrived or started work somewhere
b) a new baby:
The children are thrilled with the new arrival.

15. new blood new members of a group or organization who will bring new ideas and be full of energy:
What we need in this company is some new blood.

16. new broom someone who has just started work in a high position in an organization and who is expected to make a lot of changes:
The company seems set to make a fresh start under a new broom.

17. what’s new? spoken especially American English used as a friendly greeting to mean ‘how are you?’

18. the new new ideas, styles etc:
This charming hotel is a delightful blend of the old and the new.

19. something ... is the new ... British English used to say that something is thought to be the new fashion that will replace an existing thing:
Don’t you know that vodka is the new water, my dear?

20. new-made/new-formed/new-laid etc recently made, formed etc
a new lease of life at lease1(2), ⇒ turn over a new leaf at leaf1(3)
—newness noun [uncountable]

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I. recently built/made
VERBS be, look The car still looks quite new.
ADV. brand, spanking a scratch on my brand new car very proud of their spanking new kitchen
fairly, quite

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II. different/not familiar
VERBS be These ideas are not entirely new.
ADV. very | completely, entirely, quite | fairly, quite
PREP. to It was all very new and strange to me. She's still quite new to the job and needs a lot of help.
PHRASES be nothing new about/in sth There is nothing new in teenagers wanting to change the world.

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See: turn over a new leaf

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