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ˈno one , no-one pronoun

(nobody) هیچکس
no one
Synonyms: nobody, no man, none
Antonyms: everybody, everyone
Contrasted words: all, everyman, many, some
Related Idioms: never a one, nobody on earth, nobody under the sun, not a blessed soul, not a soul

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ˈno one S1 W2 , no-one pronoun
not anyone Synonym : nobody:
No one likes being criticized.
There’s no one else I really want to invite apart from you.
Has no one phoned about the car?
No one can say I didn’t warn you.

no one, nobody
Do not use another negative word (eg 'not') with no one and nobody:
Nobody could hear me (NOT Nobody could not hear me).
No one did anything about the problem (NOT No one did nothing ...).
Do not use 'of' after no one and nobody. Use none of or, if you are talking about two people, neither of:
None of them saw him.
Neither of his parents had come to the wedding.

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no one
BAD: No one of us regrets volunteering.
GOOD: None of us regrets volunteering.
GOOD: Not one of us regrets volunteering.

Usage Note:
When you mean 'not one', use none or (for emphasis) not one : 'None ofthe children could tell the time.' 'Not one of the trainees has a medical background.'
No one and nobody cannot be followed by of unless the phrase introduced by of is descriptive: 'No one of any importance was at the meeting.'

See NOBODY (nobody)/NO ONE (no one)

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