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none /nʌn/ pronoun

هیچ ، هیچیک ، هیچکدام ، بهیچوجه ، نه ، ابدا ، اصلا
کامپیوتر: خالی ، هیچ

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Synonyms: not any, nil, nobody, no-one, nothing, not one, zero

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I. none1 S1 W2 /nʌn/ pronoun
[Language: Old English; Origin: nan, from ne- 'not' + an 'one']

1. not any amount of something or not one of a group of people or things:
I wish I could offer you some cake but there’s none left.
Although these were good students, none had a score above 60.
She waited for a reply, but none came.
Even an old car is better than none.
none of
Despite her illness, she had lost none of her enthusiasm for life.
I know what people are saying – but none of it is true.
None of my friends phones me any more.
none at all/none whatsoever
‘Was there any mail?’ ‘No, none at all.’

2. will/would have none of something (also be having none of something) used to say that someone refuses to allow someone to do something or to behave in a particular way:
We offered to pay our half of the cost but Charles would have none of it.

3. none but somebody literary only a particular person or type of person:
a task that none but a man of genius could accomplish

4. none other than somebody used to emphasize that the person involved in something is famous, impressive, or surprising:
The mystery guest turned out to be none other than Cher herself.
nonetheless, ⇒ second to none at second1(5), ⇒ bar none at bar3(2)

When you are using none of before a plural noun or pronoun, you can use a plural or singular verb after it. You should use a singular verb in formal writing:
None of us care (OR cares) what happens to him.
None of us is able to escape the consequences of our actions.
Do not use another negative word (eg 'not') with none:
We got 3 points and they got none (NOT they didn’t get none).
I didn’t want any of them (NOT I didn’t want none of them).
none, neither
Use none to talk about a group of three or more things or people:
None of my friends came.
To talk about two things or people, use neither:
Neither of my parents wanted me to marry him.

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II. none2 adverb

1. none the worse/better etc (for something) not any worse, better etc than before:
She seems none the worse for her experience.

2. none the wiser not having any more understanding or knowledge about something than you had before:
I was none the wiser after his explanation.

3. none too not at all:
I was none too pleased to have to take the exam again.

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BAD: I checked the essay for mistakes but I couldn't find none.
GOOD: I checked the essay for mistakes but I couldn't find any.

BAD: I told the police officer that in my opinion none of the two drivers was responsible.
GOOD: I told the police officer that in my opinion neither of the two drivers was responsible.

Usage Note:
When talking about two people or things, use neither . For three or more, use none .

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See: half a loaf is better than none , have none of

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