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obey /əʊˈbeɪ, ə- $ oʊ-, ə-/ verb [intransitive and transitive]

اطاعت کردن ، فرمانبرداری کردن ، حرف شنوی کردن ، موافقت کردن ، تسلیم شدن ، کامپیوتر: اطاعت کردن ، علوم نظامی: اجرا کردن دستور
الکترونیک: اطاعت کردن ، کامپیوتر: اطاعت کردن ، اجرا کردن دستور ، علوم نظامی: اطاعت کردن ، فرمانبرداری کردن ، حرف شنوی کردن ، موافقت کردن ، تسلیم شدن

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Synonyms: carry out, abide by, act upon, adhere to, comply, conform, follow, heed, keep, observe
Antonyms: disobey
Contrasted words: break, disregard, transgress, violate, command, order
Related Idioms: abide by
Related Words: bow, defer, submit, yield, accede, acquiesce, agree, assent, fulfill, satisfy, carry out, heed, regard
English Thesaurus: obey, do what somebody says, do what you are told/do as you are told, follow sb’s orders/instructions/advice, abide by something, ...

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obey /əʊˈbeɪ, ə- $ oʊ-, ə-/ verb [intransitive and transitive]
[Word Family: verb: obeydisobey; noun: obediencedisobedience; adverb: obedientlyDISOBEDIENTLY; adjective: obedientdisobedient]
[Date: 1200-1300; Language: Old French; Origin: obeir, from Latin oboedire, from audire 'to hear']
to do what someone in authority tells you to do, or what a law or rule says you must do Antonym : disobey:
The little boy made no effort to obey.
‘Sit!’ he said, and the dog obeyed him instantly.
obey an order/command
Soldiers are expected to obey orders without questioning them.
obey the law/rules
Failure to obey the law can lead to a large fine.
Do not say ‘obey to someone/something'. Say obey someone/something: He refused to obey their orders (NOT obey to their orders).

Obey is used especially when talking about doing what laws or people in authority tell you to do. In everyday situations, people usually say do what somebody says:
My husband never does what I say.

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ADV. immediately, instantly She was used to having her orders instantly obeyed.
automatically, blindly, meekly, unquestioningly | eagerly | reluctantly
VERB + OBEY have to, must | refuse to He refuses to obey the school rules.
fail to | be willing to | promise to
PHRASES be only obeying orders At the trial the soldiers made the excuse that they were only obeying orders.
a duty/an obligation to obey People have a moral duty to obey the law.
sth has to be/must be obeyed Rules are rules and they must be obeyed.

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obey the law/rules
She’s the sort of person who always obeys the rules.
obey an order/command/instruction
The first duty of a soldier is to obey orders.
an obligation to obey (=to have a duty to do something)
Citizens have an obligation to obey the law.
must obey/have to obey
She felt she had to obey her father, even though she thought he was wrong.
refuse to obey
Many people felt the law was unfair, and refused to obey it.
blindly obey (=to obey without asking any questions)
He looked terrified, but blindly obeyed.
obey instantly/immediately
He expected his orders to be obeyed instantly.

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BAD: He was a good boy and obeyed to his parents all the time.
GOOD: He was a good boy and obeyed his parents all the time.

Usage Note:
obey sb/sth (WITHOUT to ): 'Those soldiers who refused to obey orders were usually shot.'

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